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cv translation french into english
01/29/2012 04:00  
salam 3alikoum,

i hope that i can find someone here who can help me to translate this CV from french into english.
thank you so much in advance,
01/29/2012 10:03  
Wa alikoum salam,

I can help you outSmiling Smiley

Sweet dreams.


Elegance is an attitude

Thank you, my dear friends, for all your sweet messages, I love you too...
02/10/2012 10:24  
I can help too Winking smiley
05/15/2012 12:23  
salam,you ccan rely on my help too
01/28/2014 10:56  
See here --> [] They seem to translate or help you translate your cv for free. You just have to bring them some "likes" from your friends. They do it in three languages: French, Spanish and English. They also give you tips to prepare your interviews and cover letter.
03/28/2014 07:01  

I need your help before sunday to translate my CV. Who can please?

Thank you
01/17/2015 12:45  
could you help me to translate my cv from french to english please
01/24/2015 08:56  
You cannot just translate your CV into english, if you wanna construct an english CV it's a completely different way of writing a CV ...

Check it out : []

Wish you luck!