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Tomorrow 1st October Al Eed Inshallah in UK
adds [ PM ]
30 September 2008 10:21
Merry and Happy Eed to you all
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
Minniemouse [ PM ]
30 September 2008 12:44
Hi Adds, how come?? which part of the UK are you from? Eid is definitely today 30 September as announced by the Mosque of London and on Islam TV channel


Eid Mubarak Smiling Smiley
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adds [ PM ]
30 September 2008 13:17
Many thanks Minnie I have just rang the mosque and you are absolutly right it is today. Every year is the same now I never celebrate this day like everybody.Sad Smiley
happy eed Yawning smiley
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
Coco Chanel [ PM ]
2 October 2008 11:24
Eid Moubarak,
I hope you have had a really nice Eid....
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