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Do they want us to quit ?
8 September 2006 22:10
Nowadays there is a 'fashion' called reform. We've almost been convinced that our society is really changing for the best. That an awareness of the importance of education and the vital role it plays in the development of any country is established. unfortunately, not farther than yesterday i was stuck with a reality i previously thaught people were just exagerating things as usual.
can't we persue our studies in a country said to venerate education and studies?
what's amazing is that if you have a job you shouldn't even think of continuing your 3rd cycle studies. Under the pretance that priority is given to those without a job; the secondhand citizens 'workers' aren't allowed to do so.
don't we have the right improve ourselves? i don't really think so. we went to apply for 3rd cycle and were clearly advised not to do; because in the new sistem daily attendance is obligatory and those with a with a job aren't accepted. they didn't even give us a reciept when we handed out our files because as they say they have to study our cases and then decide.
is there any possibility to integrate the 3rd cycle without leaving the country?
8 September 2006 22:25
hi shusita

sounds like you've been the victim of some over zealous staff at the university you applied at.... i've heard the same story from a friend of mine who applied for a post graduate course (3rd cycle) at the university of el jadida and was told exactly the same thing: that priority was given to full time students. however, when she decided to take things further and contacted the course tutor and even the university head, the fact that she couldn't attend all lectures suddenly wasn't a problem anymore. so here's some advice: contact the people who are really in charge and make it clear that you are determined to study as well as work. how you manage it is your business, and nobody has got a right to tell you what your priorities should be. by doing that, those people are just trying to destroy culture and knowledge in this country. please don't let them. good luck, and the very best to you. cheers
18 September 2006 15:19
thank you khadija for your advise. But i may not have been clear, they wouldn't have accepted our application files if we hadn't talked to a responsible. however no "f" fonctionaire as they call us was chosen to sit for the written exam. what's amzing is that one of our friends was chosen simply because they didn't pay attention to her ID, so the one responsible of gathering the files didn't note "F" on top of it. what's not easy to grasp is that my friend has got only "2 mention assez bien" and people with 3 and 4 mention AB weren't accepted. when we talked to a man at the university, he told us they don't accept people with a job in the third cycle anymore, and that maybe there will be one only for workers and well have to pay ofcourse. By the way, he also assured that even if my colleague passes the written exam, she can"t succeed in the oral only because she has a job.
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