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Sponsorship second marriage in quebec
18 April 2017 21:42

I would like to contact you in order to have information from you and especially if there is someone among you who has already had the same experience

My husband is a Moroccan who has already obtained Canadian citizenship, he is already married divorced by a Moroccan and he has already file a sponsorship but after a few months of marriage they have divorced without having children (it's been 3 years now) And he has paid her all that she has right

Currently, we will file our sponsorship file but I have concerns is what they can refused our new file? Is there anyone among you who has already had this case?

Thank you
18 April 2017 23:32
If he's already a Canadian citizen, why would he need a sponsor ? Isn't that a procedure for foreigners ?
2 May 2017 21:23
thank you Sashiki for your reply
Actually it is a procedure for foreigners and I since I am not a citizen I have to be sponsor to have permanent residence with my husband
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