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Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination? (w/ endnotes
Krim [ PM ]
30 August 2006 22:24
chelhman [ PM ]
30 August 2006 22:50
Hi Krim,

Since I'm an avid reader of I knew about the finkelstein/Dershowitz feud. These two have been going at it for years, trading insults through blogs. Dershowitz is a seriously disturbed man, he's a sionist zealot. If you have some time, you can watch his debate with Noam Chomsky, it's a "dialogue de sourds" as we say in french :

Krim [ PM ]
31 August 2006 10:00
Thanks Chelhman,
I am asking myself how can someone like Dershowitz be a "lawyer and law professor in an institution like Harvard. The law and the international law are well represented by a linguist like chomsky and by a political scientist like Finkelstein.The Dershowitz lawyer is not respecting the law but working against the law. What an opportunist and idiot.

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Almot [ PM ]
1 September 2006 03:02
Hi All,
The web is full of literature about all the times when Chomsky stood on the side of things that matter, on the side of international law and the right of oppressed people, yes, his stand on Iraq is questionable, can’t say the same about Dershowitz. I believe Harvard University get an opponent so below Chomsky to debate him, they get a person who could be good in programs like survivors, American best ????, or something like that. I like it when every time he jumped at Chomsky, Chomsky just went back to history, accords, agreements, Geneva Convention and alike. The gap was so wide in the level of debate each one of them was able to carry; they were totally on different floors, intellectually speaking.

Two poets were competing in front of some Calif, can’t remember the names, sorry, the first, while reciting his poem said in arabic: something something yakfouni, when the second stood for his turn he said one phrase and returned to his chair: “ KAFANI FIKA YAKFOUNI” pointing out to his opponent deep ignorance of Arabic and lack of knowledge of its language and grammar. I said this because at one point during the debate when Dershowitz was singing about human right and Israel rights and law and all that ????, I looked at Chomsky, wished he could speak in Arabic and just tell him: KAFANI FIKA OJ SIMPSON.!!as the entire world know how he helped let go free one of the most guilty criminals in the US knowing he was guilty.

Thanks, chelhman for the link, I must’ve send it to about 20 friends.

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Yani [ PM ]
2 September 2006 07:54
Hi all;

Just a thank you to Chelhman for the link. I did listento the whole hour and half and the least I could say is A.Dersh...was playing the lawyer rather than the intello that he isn't! I have had many a chance to meet the Professor, Noam, but It wasn't meant to be...One of his colleagues, a former professor of mine almost worked out the details for an invitation but the schedule was a hinderance...
It saddens me though to see age catch up with Chomsky. He looks tired and worn out. The wolf Descho is a tricky lawyer who embarrassed himself loosing his temper in the debate.All Iwould have said to the dirty lawyer is:
Wa shahida shahidon min ahlihim. Here's a an American jewish scholar, chomsky, who looks at history and the facts for what they are and says the truth!
chelhman [ PM ]
2 September 2006 18:49
You're welcome everyone. Here's the source for all media files from Chomsky :

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