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Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination? (w/ endnotes
08/30/2006 10:50  
Hi Krim,

Since I'm an avid reader of I knew about the finkelstein/Dershowitz feud. These two have been going at it for years, trading insults through blogs. Dershowitz is a seriously disturbed man, he's a sionist zealot. If you have some time, you can watch his debate with Noam Chomsky, it's a "dialogue de sourds" as we say in french :

09/02/2006 07:54  
Hi all;

Just a thank you to Chelhman for the link. I did listento the whole hour and half and the least I could say is A.Dersh...was playing the lawyer rather than the intello that he isn't! I have had many a chance to meet the Professor, Noam, but It wasn't meant to be...One of his colleagues, a former professor of mine almost worked out the details for an invitation but the schedule was a hinderance...
It saddens me though to see age catch up with Chomsky. He looks tired and worn out. The wolf Descho is a tricky lawyer who embarrassed himself loosing his temper in the debate.All Iwould have said to the dirty lawyer is:
Wa shahida shahidon min ahlihim. Here's a an American jewish scholar, chomsky, who looks at history and the facts for what they are and says the truth!
09/02/2006 06:49  
You're welcome everyone. Here's the source for all media files from Chomsky :