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Scandal Brewing : Israelis in Irak
20 September 2006 01:30
The story was on the BBC tonight (Newsnight), Israeli trained kurdish forces and assisted in the building of the international airport. It yielded as high as 150 million US$ according to the BBC, the money was transfered in cash to Israel.
It seems this wasn't just a private firm, it was linked to a former intelligence executive.
It doesn't seem to be just some intelligence operatives playing solo, this couldn't have been done without a nod from the top. It gives the Israelis a refueling base in case of an attack against Iran.
Anyway, it's murky and it's bound to make a few headlines in the next few days.

You can watch the whole report here :

20 September 2006 07:25
Wow, chelhman that’s quite something, I couldn’t believe that this could be taking place at the same time when the Kurds are showing interest in playing a fair game with the rest of Iraqis. But ones again, thanks to BBC we get to see this. I can tell you one thing, if you think Iran is pissed at the world over its nukes now, wait until they see this.
thanks chelhman,
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