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Residence card with only RÉCÉPISSÉ??!
29 November 2017 16:01
Hello everyone,
I am inhungary, i have a hungarian wife, i got german visa in april2017 by the law of directive2004/38/ec, and in june 2017 i went to hungary with my wife, and i applied for residence card, and i got rejection twice and cause of rejection are sucks, even i had a lawyer.

Now i am thinking to take my wife and go to france or other eu country to apply for residence.
I want to know if i can apply and get residencee in other eu country even if i have only Hungarian RÉCÉPISSÉ !?, if so, please tell me the procedure and the neccessary steps?.
Thank you very much.
30 November 2017 20:45
What is repécissé ?
2 December 2017 13:23
That hungarian authorities extended my visa for 3 months.
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