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Renunciation of Moroccan citizenship
10 August 2015 10:21
Assalamu alaikom,

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to ask a legal question about the official renunciation of Moroccan citizenship. Please please please refrain from answering if you are not a lawyer/jurist this is very important and will not take into account personal opinions.

I am married to a non Moroccan Muslim 15 years now, namely a Canadian Muslim and subsequently got my Canadian citizenship and lived in Canada since then Alhamdulillah in peace and harmony. Recently we visited Morocco after all those long years and I was harshly treated by local authorities in front of my husband and children. The guy in the airport was screaming at me because I didn't have a National Card, I gently explained to him that I don't need this paper I gave him my Canadian passport and he continued to scream trying to get as much information as he could as if he was in a third-world police station.

Neither me nor my husband liked this ill-mentality and obnoxious attitude. I was raised up in an Upper middle class family and was kind of shocked of the "bouzebal" style harassment after so many years of work and dedication and bringing back my kids to visit their mother's country of origin. To add insult to injury the policeman said that staying 15 years abroad is not permitted and that I should come to Morocco every year. hhhhh... Similar incidents happened during our visit, we found the chicken sold in a restaurant in Marrakech rotten and we were harassed to give bribes on the road, though we gently refused the policeman kept quarrelling as the one in the airport for no apparent reason expect we didn't give them money. Long story short I am really fed up and ashamed of those incidents and want to get rid of the shit out. Just in case, I want to be legally protected when I go visit my family there as are my husband and kids who are better treated by the local Moroccan authorities which I don't understand!!!!! After a quick search I found out these information:

1. Voluntary- Voluntary renunciation of Moroccan citizenship is permitted by law. Renunciation is not automatic and must be approved by the Ministry of Justice. Contact the Embassy for details and required paperwork.

2. Involuntary- The following are grounds for involuntary loss of Moroccan citizenship (unless the government has previously permitted the activity):

- Person voluntarily acquires a foreign citizenship.

- Moroccan woman marries a foreign national and acquires the husband's citizenship.

- Person serves in the military or public employment of a foreign state and refuses the Moroccan government's demand that they resign

My question is: Based on the second point I have grounds for involuntary loss of Moroccan citizenship since I am married and gained the citizenship of my husband, but I don't know how to legally have an "official document" that proves this reality to Moroccan administration/authorities there if I come into contact with them in the future.

I am a highly educated woman and I don't bribe and don't accept either to be treated harshly for no apparent reason and in front of my lovely family. If I meet tomorrow a Canadian policeman he would call me Madam Zenand talk to me in total respect why does a Moroccan police man would do the oppositeAre you crazy???!! Any piece of legal advice are very welcome. Jazakum Allah Kheir
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