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racial discrimination
18 September 2006 20:41
hi everyone,
being a french teacher in england, my students often ask me about racial discrimination in france: how big of a problem is it? which kind of difficulties do people from ethnic minorities face in their everyday life etc.... as it is difficult for me to answer those questions in the light of my own personal experience alone, i'd like to ask all of you guys to come forward and share your own experince(s) with me, for the interest of letting other people know about it. so if you've ever been, or feel that you've been, a victim of racial discrimination (in france or elsewhere), can you please tell me about it? as i've said, i work on the assumption that unfortunately, racial discrimination, far from being an urban legend, is a reality, and that a lot of people are being discriminated against on grounds of their ethnic origin. all i need now are testimonies "from the horse's mouth" so that i can give my students some food for thought and show them that i'm not the only one to hold this opinion. if, on the other hand, you think that racial discrimination is not a reality but just a figment of some people's imagimation, please do by all means express yourselves as well, as i'll find it very interesting to see how opinions and perceptions on a same topic may differ. thank you very much for your help!
20 September 2006 00:35
Do your students (like most of Brits) think France is a place where racial discrimination is particularly high ?

I lived in France more than 15 yrs before I moved to England. To be honest, I think this reputation is exagerated. I personnally have never experienced any discrimination at all, maybe it happened but I'm not aware of: an employer will never tell me they rejected my application because of my name.

I acheived a lot of successes, and some failures, but never felt my roots were the origin of my troubles. I think we tend to see racism everywhere, sometimes to justify our own failures with this external uncontrolled reason. So many jobless people blame racism for their unemployment, too many youth leave school without qualifications claiming school staff sent them out cause they are racist ... People accuse their neighbours of racism cause if they ask them to reduce the noise after midnight ...
I think if one educates themselves and their children to behave correctly and respect the others, they will not be exposed to any discrimination. As Zidane has always said when asked about this subject, "if you respect the others, the others will respect you". Of course there are some real cases of racism, but they are really much less than we think.

Pourquoi tu poste pas en Francais sur un autre forum yabiladi ? t'aurais plus de chances de recevoir des témoignages.

20 September 2006 13:09
salam all
i moved to france three years ago after living in USA for long time ,i personnally did not feel any discrimination at all, i was able to open business in short period of time where my customers were arabe and french also i get a loan with no probleme to buy my housse , but then again this is experience from a persson who was not born here it could be diffrent case from people born and raise in france - and that make me worry about my kids whene they get older wich make me think some time to move to canada yes canada
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