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To poeple from montreal !!
03/13/2007 06:35  
is there anyone in here from montreal?
i'm currently living in montreal and i would like to get in touch with some nice moroccan fellows.

03/14/2007 02:23  
u cannot find moroccans in montreal!!!! strange.
03/15/2007 07:20  
He is is looking for: get in touch with some nice moroccan fellows
and that is hard to find ???,
03/21/2007 05:42  
what's up bro, I am nice moroccan fellow and from montrealspinning smiley sticking its tongue out

le crime ne paye pas, mais il occupe
03/21/2007 12:48  
hi Soprano [PM]
i did not mean that it supposed to be a jocke