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Please Informations on Australian embassy in Morocco
6 October 2006 21:13
Hello brotherhood,

RAMADAN Mobarak Said.

I am a moroccan and I have an australian employer who is gonna apply for a work permit for me . But I was surprised that there is no Australian embassy in Morocco.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have any Idea where the australian embassy hide in Morocco.???????????
here is my e mail if any one can send me informations about this subject.

Assalamo alikom w thallaw fraskom.
6 October 2006 21:32
Hi horsman_ship,

There was a post about that here a few months, I couldn't find it. Anyway, our country does not seem to have an embassy in Australia, this is all the info I could find on the subject :



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6 October 2006 23:18

Actually there is no australian embassy or consulat in Morocco, but the canadian embassy do handle visa and working permit for them.

check this link

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10 October 2006 17:20
Hey Everydoby,

Currently, i am in Australia. I live in Brisbane, so if u need some informations, i could try to find them. I can go to the immigration department, and ask them.
Let me know if u need my help

RAMADAN KARIM for everybody
10 October 2006 19:25
Hi everybody,

thank you very much for you interest on replying to my message which is well known of all the moroccans,
I am sure that if I write the message in French I will recieve more informations.
Thanks Hanane for offring to visite the immigration departement for me. I will contact you later if I need more informations.

Ramadan Mobarak said.
11 October 2006 16:52
you're welcome. I will glad to hepl u, just let me know if u need me;
see u

11 October 2006 17:29
I think that you should turn to the services of the immigration concerning your case

There is effectively no consulate or Australian embassy in Morocco for cause I think that there is little of Australian in Morocco

I believe that it is more logical that you refer to the authority there which takes charge of immigrant workers
17 September 2007 00:39
hello everybody and ramadan mobarek , so i wanna know if someon ecan help to know some information about visas in australia and where i can go cuz here there is no consulate in Morocco , so if someone can help ,, THANK YOU VERY MUCHHH
26 August 2008 21:03
hi hanane,
i'm karima from Casablanca, i'm seeking for information about immigration to australia, can you help me please, because i did not found an officiel office here in morocco

i'll be thankful if you could help me
shoukrane and ramadan moubarak
5 February 2012 13:47
Hey Hanane my name is Mehdi and firstly I noticed that your reply was in October 10, 2006 so I don`t know if u still in Australia or not but anyways I just want to know what are the conditions and requirements related to the people who wants to study in Australia so I know that you`ve been there and I hope that you will help me to know your process and how did u went there...Thx in advance

Ps: I`m about to get my high school degree and I want to continue after that studying in Australia.
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