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I need someone!!
01/28/2011 06:31  
Samwi [ PM ]
28, 2011 06:31
Hello everybody!

I need someone to help me to speak in English. I want to improve it, so if you would like to discuss please send me a private message.

Thank you so much!


Winking smiley
01/29/2011 06:05  

Nothing wrong with your English,just get out more!!!!
01/30/2011 01:07  
Kabi101 [ PM ]
30, 2011 01:07
As-salam alaykoum wa rahmatoulahi wa barakatuh,

Good idea samwi,

I used to practice with people by doing what we call the convesation-exchange and it was really helpful.

We learn new words and useful phrases and when you prononce then it give you more self confidence.

I normally use skype as it's a good way to communicate.

I am going to contact you by PM if you are interested.

01/30/2011 01:12  
Samwi [ PM ]
30, 2011 01:12
ay dil om

Nothing wrong with your English,just get out more!!!!

I study English at school but it isn't sufficient..
01/31/2011 11:36  
Exactly my point.If you get out more & meet the natives your English
will improve enormously.
Bonne chance.
01/31/2011 05:21  
Samwi [ PM ]
31, 2011 05:21
Hi Ay di lom!

I'm agree with you but I haven't got the opportunity to meet Natives English where I live. Actually I work and I study so It's very difficult for me to go in English countries... That's why I need help. Smiling Smiley
02/05/2011 07:25  
Hi Samwi

me too lol,i m in same situation,i need somebody to speak,i tryed to find somebody it s more difficult,all people cannot take his time ....
02/11/2011 03:09  
adds [ PM ]
11, 2011 03:09
Try to find someone based on these criterions:

I need someone who likes speaking, someone to talk to
I need someone who can talk to me back
I need someone who knows my needs to talk
I need someone who cares about my words
I need someone who remember the way I say them
I need someone who doesn’t correct my words
I need someone who will teach me without being taught
I need someone who can teach and learn from me
I need someone who has time to explain when time runs out
I need someone who is not only good but excellent
I need someone who I can hold, take anywhere
I need someone who is Language self-taught tape recorder

Buy one they are not expensive and you can learn more than one language alone in your living room.

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
02/14/2011 10:07  
Samwi [ PM ]
14, 2011 10:07
Hello adds,

I just would like to have an english that we have to used with english natives. Because it's very important to speak in english today.

All subjects are very interesting.
02/14/2011 11:52  
adds [ PM ]
14, 2011 11:52
The classical proper English is not the same as the lay man's English one speaks in the street. The majority of the native English people don’t master their own language in terms of grammar and tenses.
As a Moroccan person; by default you have an advantage when talking about languages. Your mind is set to speak any language. With all my modesty we can pronounce and imitate any letter or sound in the world and perfectly too. Reading aloud is very good and especially in front of others.
I remember back home when I was in my teens I used to love poetry especially 'les fleurs du mal' and remember being scolded for reading poems while in the loo.
Good luck

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
02/24/2011 08:05  
Watching English or American movies with no subtitles helps a lot
03/21/2011 12:28  
Hi Samwi and Nawal

I study in Ireland. So, if you want to improve your english, you are welcome Smiling Smiley

I think the best way to improve you english (listening) is to watch english movies on youtube such as friends, desperate H, Monk, etc

See u soon
04/08/2011 05:17  
brooke [ PM ]
08, 2011 05:17
i'm also interested to learn english!
04/10/2011 11:39  
Hi brooke.

Find yourself an englsh speaking boyfriend!!
Good luck.
05/05/2011 07:23  
adds [ PM ]
05, 2011 07:23
I am interested in learning chalha, tamazight and, soussia; English or Pakistani are just the same.

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
05/06/2011 04:18  
Hi Jazz.

To learn chelha,your best bet is to work part time in the"bisri du coin"
Good luck
05/11/2011 10:23  

You can't really improuve your english in France... You need to work with an international team, to have friends from other countries,... practising will help you a lot.

Do not hesitate to travel if you have the opportunity Smiling Smiley

Good luck.

The One Moche!
05/15/2011 12:26  
luula [ PM ]
15, 2011 12:26

I'm a native English speaker (from the US) and would be happy to help you with your English. If you could help me with darija, that would be great also Smiling Smiley

Send me a PM with your skype name and I'll add you.