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Morrocan crime and violence in Holland leads to jihad
sbs2000 [ PM ]
2 May 2009 01:09
Morrocan crime and violence in Holland leads to jihad

Referring to Moroccan youth as "street terrorists" Geert Wilders the Head of the Party for Freedom told a recent sitting of Lower House that:

" Morrocans did not come to integrate ' but to subjugate and dominate the Dutch.' We are losing our country to Morrocan hooligans who go through life cursing, spitting, and beating up innocent people"

"They accept all too happily our welfare, housing and doctors but not our norms or values." He said.

Wilders was referring to recent incidents in which a Dutch emergency team was threatened with death by a Morrocan crowd after coming to the aid of a stabbing incident and a recent curfew which was implemented in the town of Ede in the district of Veldhuizen after rampaging Morrocan youth set fire to cars and broke the windows of police vehicles.

A newspaper report on the situation in Ede related that:

On a film on YouTube young Morrocans in Veldhuizen rap that "the time has come to fight".The brazen and criminal behaviours makes the citizens of Ede feel unsafe. People who complain to the police are attacked. 'It is escalating the rule of law is at stake' according to council member Bert Komdeur CDA…

Ede has been dealing for years with disturbances by Moroccan youth. Last year Veldhuizen made the news when Morrocan fathers went riding on public buses to put an end on the taunting, spitting and intimidation of the drivers.

Veldhuizen was in the world news after the September 11attacks because scores of Moroccans partied in the street.

Several weeks ago Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam commented on the incident involving the ambulance crew and said that that "the violence was coming mainly from Morrocans" adding "in many cases when this kind of threatening behaviour takes place, it is involving our Morrocan fellow citizens, in a large amount of the cases from Morrocan boys. Cohen said further: There is a problem there, in that community, the problem must be solved".

Muslims make up 5.8% of the population in Holland, a country of 16 million. According to counter terrorism expert Emerson Vermaat, the Muslim population is becoming increasingly radicalized and the step from street terror and crime to jihad is a normal progression. He wrote:

"What European investigators are quite worried about today is the dangerous mixture of crime and Islamist terrorism. Young second generation and third generation immigrants from Morocco, who are involved in petty crime and appear to be susceptible to the call of fundamentalist Islam and then become jihadists. In a nice and peaceful country like Holland, young Moroccans involved in petty crime, street robberies and violence against the police turn to Islamist radicalism or even join terrorist networks.

A good example is Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch Moroccan born and raised in Amsterdam. Before he killed filmmaker and columnist Theo van Gogh in November 2004, Bouyeri already had a criminal record. In 1997, he spat in a policeman's face, in 2000 he beat a visitor of a student's café with his fists, in 2001 he stuck a knife into a policeman's neck.

MIM: In the Dutch town of Gouda things have gotten so bad that the bus service has now decided to avoid certain districts after a conductor was robbed and others were attacked by Morrocans. A camera team which went to cover the story was assaulted. According to this article the Mayor addressed the parents of Morrocan youth in the town sporthall. Afterwards he went to a clubhuis to speak to the youth.

Youth in Gouda assault camera team
Jongeren Gouda mishandelen cameraploeg GOUDA - In de Goudse wijk Oosterwei is woensdagmiddag een cameraploeg mishandeld. Een 19-jarige man is inmiddels aangehouden. Diverse media kwamen naar Gouda nadat bekend was geworden dat Connexxion besloot een deel van stadsbuslijn 3 niet meer door deze wijk te laten rijden nadat de chauffeur was beroofd.
Om verdere escalaties in de wijk te voorkomen sprak burgemeester Cornelis woensdagavond een groep Marokkaanse ouders toe in sporthal De Springer. Daarna ging hij naar buurthuis 't Wiel om daar met jongeren te praten.

In de gemeenteraad zei de burgemeester, die eerder de boel wat bagatelliseerde, dat Connexxion eerder bij de gemeente en de politie aan de bel hadden moeten trekken.
zilak [ PM ]
4 May 2009 04:57
Dear sbs2000.

What do you expect from all those Moroccans, who left Morocco in the 70's and 80's, and settled in Holland,Belgium, and France...Those people did not care about nothing but making money, and going back to retire in Morocco. They never cared about their kids, or their future.All this mayham that is kids are doing in Holland, France, and caused by their parents. The parents never gave them an education, or a chance in life, in other words,they never help them out. I really do think that there is something really wrong about our culture, because we are very money oriented, we don't care about our kids,and how they will be doing in future.take for example a chinese family, or an indian family, this people will spend every dime to send there kids into schools, colleges, and universities, they will do anything to help them out.We arabs,Moroccans, Muslims are the opposite of everybody, we don't care about our kids, our host countries,or anything but ourselfs.We sit around and waiting for other people to solve our problems.I believe if the Moroccans don't stand up and solve their youth problems, The E U government will do it for them.They will deport every Moroccan, and push all the problems back to Morocco.I wish this will never happened, but it can be done.
fcurrito [ PM ]
4 May 2009 09:21



Muslims and Racism in Europe:

Belgium, Holland (the Netherlands), Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain.


Feature articles on Racism in Europe:

What the Official Reports on European Racism Tell Us about Europe's racism

(Racism from long before 9/11 that isn't the Muslims' fault),

...There’s a widespread belief that racism and discrimination against visible minorities whose appearance is ‘Muslim’ started and is related to terrorist attacks, in particular those of September 11, 2001 on the USA.

In fact, some of the reports on racism in Europe expose the problem as long-standing, wide-ranging and deeply ingrained, and unrelated to terrorism, except as an excuse offering the extra opportunity that facilitates increasing the magnitude and intensity of racism toward Muslims.

For example such reports on racism show that black Africans, unassociated with Islam or Muslims, are treated and viewed in an extremely racist manner, despite the fact they have nothing to do with terrorism. Indeed, that applies identically to all visible minorities...

....The only thing terrorism did was simply give racists an even greater opportunity to better practice their racism and hate. Earlier, their bigotry was more dispersed among all minorities in Europe, later, it became more focussed on the more easily justifiable and available prey, Muslims...

A systematic analysis of the official European reports on racism over the years confirms that ...


European Tolerance only a Veneer

The Middle East Times

We hear and read so much of some European nations' exemplary tolerance toward minorities. In fact, it is all a well-documented sham, easily refuted by an abundance of very significant and poignant evidence.

... Muslims have every right, indeed, the obligation to nip this new wave of persecution in the bud so that someday they may not regret, like the Jews have, that they silently watched the evolution of the next cycle of human rights abuses in Europe.

... When an editor in a mainstream newspaper finds it appropriate, and expects it to be acceptable to his readers, to so callously and crassly treat a minority within his nation, it is already obvious that this minority is being viewed as lesser human beings and is treated as such.

That, to the T, is how it all started in Germany. Dehumanize the targeted group to the point where the mainstream first accepts and then supports the hate, and following that they'll be indifferent to any mistreatment of the potential victims. And the rest is history....


Racism in Europe is also a problem not only integration

The Record (Canadian daily newspaper)


... What exactly are Muslims doing that deserves such (European) resentment? The answer.. is: nothing. Their clothes, their head scarve
FreeThinker [ PM ]
6 May 2009 09:30
Why is it a Moroccan problem?
it's a Holland problem cause if these little punks find themselves living in Morocco, they would change the way they behave cause Moroccans from Morocco would kick their spoiled little brat Dutch ass.
They can follow jihad or dj Van Buren, who cares?
they are as Moroccan as they are from Holland.
why does Holland always takes la creme de la creme of the Moroccans living in Holland but always blames the garbage on Morocco?
Take it all or leave it all bitch!!!

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whatsup [ PM ]
6 May 2009 09:48
moroccan youth in Holland spend their time lurking in the street , pick pocketing , and of course distribution of hachiche product of morocco , in the same time they are claiming social benefits , living on tax payers money
i think dutch governementa had enough of these little spoiled drug sniffer thugs terrorising every neighbourhood , the other type of moroccan new generation in holland they grew a long beard , wear an afghan uniform , and they consider the dutch who welcomed them in their country and saved them from the poverty of morocco koffars deserve to be slaughtered exemple the killing of a dutch film maker by a moroccan terrorist brain washed by few beardies
when you live in a country there are laws to respect otherwise i think shipping them back to where they belong is the least the dutch could do

hope the deportation process will start soon that will make them think twice Welcome

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 05/06/2009 09:52 by whatsup.
FreeThinker [ PM ]
6 May 2009 10:01
i agree with you about what you just said, but wish ones are we supposed to take back, the drug dealers or the jihadists?
I think we should take the drug dealers, they are a lot smarter.
street smart, unlike those monkeys who follow saoudi arabia's wahabists.
fcurrito [ PM ]
6 May 2009 12:34
To understand the Duchy racist and sick mind, you have to look at how they subjugated the black in South Africa for years, and their sons and daughters still do today. It's a no win win situation. Even if you perform a physical brain and a body change, you will be considered and treated the same. I went on a trip few weeks ago to SA, and the situation is shocking. The rooineks (Red Necks) have it all, but the black have f* all. Over a decade or so of the so called political change, the white are still nicely in control and the rest are dying. South Africa is the richest country in Diamonds, Gold and other mineral resources, yet it has the highest HIV related deaths in the world. Those dying like flies are the black. The white (the sons and daughters of the white duch) are reaping the rewards of their colonisation.
whatsup [ PM ]
6 May 2009 17:13
i really think in the case of moroccan in holland we can not play de song : we are victims , they r racist , it s just not convincing trying to play the role of the victims here
i have lived in Holland for a couple years . the new generation of moroccan specially those btw 14 until 28 , they r just not interested in working or doing anything instructif , most of them live on the system like parasites abusing the medical health service , the tax system they having a free everything and in the same time getting involved in all types of crimes from rape to knife crimes and drug dealing
the first generation they were mainly from Rif , they worked hard didn t mind anytype of work but their children are too spoiled and they gave morocco a very bad picture
moroccan is labelled a criminal or a terrorist not because of racism but because thats the reality there ,the behaviour of moroccan there destroyed the image of all moroccans as i said before there are two types there : the extremists beardies , and the criminals and drug dealers a small minority of moroccan r a law obeying citizens and they just want a better life
the dutch reaction is normal and logical lets suppose we are a rich country and dutch immigrated to morocco then started committing all sort of crimes abusing the system and just terrorising every neighbourhood what will be the reaction of Morocco ? i don t think we will give them roses i am sure the reaction will be very aggressif

every country has the right in home security7 , law and order and if an immigrant is not willing to respect the rules , he lose the right of stay in the country which welcomed him simple as that

free thinker , the beardies they need to be shipped to afghan caves thats their place not in civilised societies

the drug dealers ; kenitra prison it will be the perfect rehab for them they have cold chiken system there very famous worldwide ptdr
FreeThinker [ PM ]
6 May 2009 18:00
Ana li ma brash itfham lia fi hadik lblad hia meli tiban shi kwairi fel foot d'origine Maghribi tinawdo 3lih lghira beli rah Hollandi mashi Maghribi, ou meli ti shedo sho Meskhout lwalidine tibi3 lhshish oula boule7ya, wakha ikoun 3eme generation Hollandi tigoulo hada Maghribi mashi Hollandi.
pure hypocricy.
ya ima kolshi Hollandi oula kolshi Mgharba, they want their cake and eat it too.
Ama hadok lbrahesh ila raj3o l'Maghrib, hadik lo9ba7a t7aid menhom, rakine 9be7 menhom ghi titsaraw fi douar, ib9aw 3lihom betsarfi9 tal sbah.
fcurrito [ PM ]
7 May 2009 09:23
Whatsup, I used to go to Holland every now and then and have plenty of friends there. I am not contesting the fact that the very few do in fact screw up and spoil it for the rest. This is not confined to Holland only. Spain and France have their share, and you can say the situation in Spain - with over a million moros - is worst still and will be dire with the collapse of the economy. We miss the point when we do no ask the vital question, WHY?

Just for the sake of argument, take the black in the UK as an example. We can apply the same kind of logic. The black aint interested in working. They are lousy, all they are interested in is rap, weed, bling bling and "stolen" fast cars. It's non sense. Those black (the minority though) who can not make it, grow up stigmatised, demoralised and aspire to nothing worthwhile, mainly because of the colour of their skin. I lived in that country for over a decade and I know how the black were treated and still are. You only have to read about black riots in the 80's.

When the Dutch start shipping people back home, they won't spend too much time worrying if this dude is a drug dealer, a barbue or a Rachida Dati (the hookaaa) like. They will ship the whole lot and find ways of shipping those who can not be shipped illegally.

Europe is heading towards fascism and the sign are their. You just need to look at how these war mongers, the like of Merkle, Sarkosy, Burlosconi (Rajoy lost it by a tiny margin) got elected in the last few years?? If we do not challenge these fascist, far right, globalist, neoliberal criminals, we and our children will pay a heavy price.
FreeThinker [ PM ]
7 May 2009 10:30
F.uck the Dutch, it's not for Holland to decide who is Moroccan and who is not, but Allah.
who gives shit about what Holland thinks?
Holland is a douche bag.
whatsup [ PM ]
7 May 2009 11:04
sometimes we need to assume the consequences and say : yes we are not innocent , bad apples exist and as we say in Morocco , 7outa wahda tatkhnez chwari
some immigrants specially young genration don t give a shit a bout the law , the law is there to be broken and that feed certain fascist , it gives them the perfect excuse to introduce tougher immigration restrictions
it s all connected
if that moroccan terrorists didn t kill that famous film maker in Holland , the racist party won t win the election , this party used the shoking killing of a loved artist to win votes
there are a lot of immigrants who left morocco for terf dyal khobz and a peaceful life i have talked to some of them and they are really angry with a category of moroccan who ruined their reputation and making it difficult for them to bring other family members because of the behaviour of some , it s becoming more and more difficult to get a visa nowadays
i remember once in the hague in a cafe i was sitting having some coffee it was a beautiful spring day and all the sudden 3 cars of moroccan adolescents stopped in front of the cafe , they entered , very loud , bad language , started a fight between each other , picked on the waiter , they look they are all on drugs , they were showing off who is the coolest , and who is the badist with a foul mouth , giggling and giving the finger to everyone, a lot of old pensioners felt intimidated and left ...................
in my opinion some immigrants are helping the racist to gain power and support in Europe
even the UK famous of it s soft touch introduced recently some very tough immigration laws , such as point based system for highly qualified immigrants and why this U turn in their policy ?
the answer is 57 dead in the train explosion by some asylum seekers and immigrants

so portraying al jalia maghribia as innocents and victims doesn t make sense some of them created the problem by their bad behaviour and as consequences the far right ideologies are becoming more and more popular

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 05/07/2009 11:08 by whatsup.
FreeThinker [ PM ]
7 May 2009 12:36
i do agree with you with the fact that the imbecile who killed that film maker is not Moroccan.
Moroccans don't kill artists, no matter their opinion.
But their ancestors are Moroccan, fuck Holland.
They are Moroccan, good or bad, they are our people.
Fuck Holland.
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