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Morocco Coming Online
27 October 2006 15:58 Oxford Business Group:


27 October 2006 18:11
The article make me very optimistic, it make me feel like Morocco will be another country in 4 years.
First I don´t believe that 25% of Moroccan are credit card holder, yes they are may be but u can use it more than 500 DH per day and not use it in international websides.

As is written is mostley for BUZ to BUZ cause we Moroccan still don´t trust each other to shop in the internet. They cheat you in your present, what they gonna do if you sende them the money. I dont want to imagine.

Other thing I just don´t understand why, the penalty for piracy is so high. in europe they dont have that penalty... our people can´t affort to fave food for everyday, and we put dem in jail if they buy illegal win Xp, that make me sick.

is ok if that penalty follows by giving jobs to everybody, so we know thos people do that to destroy the country´s economy, but you can´t destroy something that does not existe.

As I see this law is just to protect the rich and make them richere.. and keep the rest poor and stupid.
27 October 2006 19:41
I think the penalty for piracy is part of the Free Trade Agreements that Morocco Signed with a munber of countries. That's to protect the Intelectual Propriety Rights.
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