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Moroccans in Ireland
asanoure [ PM ]
5 September 2016 15:25
Hi all,
Just writing this short ad to see if there is any Moroccans living in Ireland and want to meet up.
Lived here for a good few years, left it for almost 2 years, went to Asia working and travelling and just back few months ago.
You can contact me directly via email: [email protected]

HND [ PM ]
26 September 2016 13:30
I think NOBODY is here ! Sorry for you Heu
asanoure [ PM ]
30 September 2016 13:55
Apologies about the delay to reply to your message.
Yeah i can see that there is no Moroccan people living or willing to make contact here in Ireland Perplexe
Majda517 [ PM ]
5 April 2017 12:53
I want to ask u about the stations with Moroccan content but based abroad (Especifically in US and Europe) ?
have u an idea about that
Emission spécial MRE
2m Radio +
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