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moroccan in london ?
13 September 2006 01:04
hy everybody!

I will soon move to london for at least six months , and I would like to know if some of you live there... You know, I would be very pleased to meet moroccan there specialy during ramadan Smiling Smiley

And for those who are there: do you enjoy living in this city ? Can I find a part time job easily? (I am a student ) ...

thanks' a lot!

15 September 2006 22:01
hi titesou,

this is my 3rd year in england (i live in oxford, not far from london) so i can answer your question about job opportunities: it really isn't hard to find one, as the uk job market is in very good shape (especially in london). you can easily work in fast foods, restaurants, bars, cafes, customer service companies, call centres.....etc. i'd recommend that you visit the following websites for job offers:,, also, the student union at the university you'll go to will certainly be able to help you out, so don't hesitate to contact them.
as for meeting moroccans, i'd advise you to hang around kensington , as it is home to the largest moroccan community in england. good luck!
16 September 2006 22:26
don´t forget this website!, it´s a reliable way to find a job or a room to rent.
Good luck! i´m sure you won´t have any problem, sellem 3ala london!!
18 September 2006 01:48
thanks a lot!!

I visited those websites, it seems very interesting ... I found some good little oportunities Clap

I will live in kesington!!! I'm lucky :p
19 September 2006 18:11
im living in london n works its very easy to find a job in london if u speak english let me kw if u need some help
20 September 2006 10:20,if you want to meet moroccans in the uk
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