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Moroccan Future Brides living in USA
SimSim82 [ MP ]
12 mai 2008 00:07
I'm currently engaged living in the US, I plan to have the wedding inshallah in December 2008 in Rabat. My family members are all here, so I'm hopeful to hear from Past-Present and future 3roussates who are willing to share addresses and recommendations for Neggafate, traiteur, coiffeur..etc. in the Rabat region. Unfortunatly I won't be able to get to morocco until the wedding :-( any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone knows addresses for Khayatates or places to buy tkachet in the US or Canada please let us know.

Thank you all and allah y3awen aljami3 (May god help us all) and good luck to everyone.
yemaya [ MP ]
12 mai 2008 17:43
Welcome SimSim !!
And congrats for your engagement, Allah ykemel belkheer!

Well, I am from Rabat too, and I am a bride to be as well, YOYOYOOOOOOY ..not officially engaged yet! Angry smiley I moved to Casa a few months ago to work and to prepar the official engagement and wedding inshallah, Believe me it is not that easy to do alone and especially if you live far away!! but no worries... if you are a good planner it is gonna be a lot of fun !!

Girls around here are sooo helpful and creative... so try to read posts sent earlier, and collect information, ALL IS THERE !!!

All vendors infos... Photographs, cameramen, Cars locations ... Gown shops ... Bakeries !!! Neggafates ... All .. forgot..HAIRDRESSERS .. my ultimate nightmare !!!

So stop by and ask the girls anything U want !!! Good luck !!! Make a sign if U need something !!!

PS : a Sister advice !! SET A BUDGET first !!!
SimSim82 [ MP ]
13 mai 2008 01:02
Congrats a Lalla niatouh and lah ykamal bekheir!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and guidance. I will look at past threads and record down all the information as you suggested. I'll raise the red flag if I get stuck Smiling Smiley

Shokran bezzaf!!
mimsimane [ MP ]
14 juillet 2008 12:40
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