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Moroccan caterer in London? (or anywhere around Cambridge)
06/18/2012 03:50  
Salam everyone,

I'm getting married in two months insha Allah and I am looking for a halal Moroccan caterer. Could anyone recommend one in London or any place not too far from Cambridge?


07/04/2012 03:23  
salam alikoum sister
my name is said , i m moroccan who live in cambridge ,i m a sous chef manager in plaza hotel ,with years of experience of a different types of food ,moroccan , englich , french , japanise ...
after seen your post of a Moroccan caterer in london or around cambridge, i would like to know , if you are still looking for moroccan caterer, we are a 3 moroccan chefs who organising and runing a moroccan wedding and function ,all our food is halal hamdollah .
so sister if you are still intersted please you are more then welcome and congratulation and good luck incha allah .
07840573439 said
salam alikoum