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Looking for a job in Canada
18 August 2018 22:40
Hey everyone,

My name is Youssef aged 22, I just got my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from an American University here in Morocco. I'd like to have a job in Canada, any advice on where to find the jobs and some tips to get a job offer? thank you very much folks
18 August 2018 22:45
Hello, my name is Dobby Bye

I just want to montre ma face Welcome

Good luck guy !
24 September 2018 16:30
Also interested to job in Canada
1 November 2018 14:42
tu veux travailler dans quell ville? Je peux t'aider si tu veux
1 November 2018 14:47
Oh sorry, it's in english ahah. So, where you want to work? I can help you if you want
28 December 2018 11:28
Je veux bosser en chauffeur poids lourd au Canada. Help me please sister
14 March 2019 20:52
what kind of job are you looking for?
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