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London banking
13 September 2006 22:38

Could anyone give us some informations on Banking in London ?
Is it hard to get a job for Frenchies ?
Just tell us about your experiences...
16 September 2006 00:09
your getting a job in banking really depends on your qualifications. what kind of qualifications have you got? then, are you fluent in english? i'm asking because it seems to be the major problem for frenchies over here, and really holds them back.a friend of mine is working in banking here in london, she got the job without too many difficulties, but then her english is excellent and she's got a degree in banking.... i could put you in touch with her if you wanna get the lowdown from someone with experience. please let me know if you're interested. cheers
18 September 2006 17:43
Hi Khadija,

Thanks for answering.
I've just sent you a PM.
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