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My Late fathers's Propertys
14 janvier 2020 22:28
Though female I am the eldest of four siblings or the order Female, Female, Female and Male, and a wife who survive my late father. Left behind by my father are three properties in Morocco and one on UK.
I would like some advice and general sign posting to a Lawyer or chambers of repute in Larache on how best to address the matter as a dispute has arisen between members of the family that all reside in UK.

The properties all bear my fathers name bar one which bears his name and my mothers name, the issue at hand is that the rest of the family seem to have taken it into their minds that liquidating the assets is in their collective interests and aim to sell off property. I accept that I am not a male, and all what connotes to not being born male, but I would like to know if the rest of the family have a right or the right to arbitrarily just sell of any property?

I would like to know what the Sharia Law of inheritance guides on this.

Thank you all for reading

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