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Israel warplanes fly at low altitude over Beirut and south Lebanon
25 October 2006 10:15
Israeli warplanes Monday carried out their "most intensive overflights" of Lebanon since the end of the Jewish state's war against the country, despite a French warning to halt such missions. Two warplanes twice flew low over Beirut, with four planes carrying out similar mock raid over southern Lebanon, causing a sonic boom over the port city of Tyre. A Lebanese police source said that these are the most intensive overflights since August 14 and it looks like defiance of 1701 and of French appeals. The territorial violations came shortly after France, which currently leads the UN force in south Lebanon, said it might open fire on the intruding aircraft. Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz vowed Sunday that the flights would continue because of alleged arms smuggling to Hezbollah. The flights have been increasingly criticized by the international community, with France warning on Friday against the violations. "These violations are extremely dangerous because they may be felt as hostile by forces of the coalition that could be brought to retaliate in case of self-defense," French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said.
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25 October 2006 13:07
I'm having a painful debate next door around that issue.
The current israeli mindset isn't working for peace, they have a plan in motion to destabilize Lebanon and Hezbollah is a pawn in that strategy.

They're going to keep using Hezbollah as an excuse, and they're going to keep provoking Hezbollah to further their status inside Lebanon. Then they can yell "Lebanon is lead by a terrorist organisation".
The same winning tactics they used with Hamas.
The coalition forces will not retaliate in this particular case, it's an empty threat. The IDF know that, everyone knows that.
25 October 2006 13:39
Worse of all, israel said if any plane was attacked, it would bomb the French! funny, this reminds me of old school days when an itsy-bitsy boy was taking on everybody at school, just because he had a big brother that would beat the crap out of everybody! rule of nature, being backed by the US no matter how wrong you can be should set an example for the moslem (arab) nations that no matter how much they can ass-kiss them, they are going to be slapped. An now comes Egypt to say that Hesbollah started the conflict on purpose! this is how much these are worth, nothing!
25 October 2006 14:42
did you read the article by Samir Amin I posted in the french forum ?
India did get her solders out ofLebanon. They did not want to be part of the US_ISR game.
25 October 2006 17:20
Hi Krim,

Yes, I read it when you posted it and I took the time to read it again just now.
It sums up clearly what we're seeing. However, just after the Lebanon war, this summer, I read an editorial in Haaretz that criticized the fact that Tel Aviv was following blindly orders from Washington.
The editorial described it as a neocons plan being channeled through hardliners in Israel, it also underlined the fact that Israel was being severely damaged by that plan and that it was time to get rid of the neocons in Tel Aviv.

I think that the storm we've seen with the arrival of Bush is loosing momentum, the middle east will probably be shaken again for another few years but the dust should settle soon.

What worries me is that we will be left with rogue islamist movements roaming through our countries, just like at the end of the 80's, a period also dominated by the neocons. History repeats itself.

Time to watch "The Power of Nightmares" again. It's buried somewhere on this forum on the next pages.
27 October 2006 18:51
What do you mean by neo-cons? New conservatives? Is that the staff around Bush? I nearly said "those who beat about Bush".
If those Bush people are the neo-cons then they deserve their French.
27 October 2006 19:00
Cyril, yes I meant the neoconservatives, they took over by placing Bush in the White House. But Bush is just a lightning rod, he can barely tie his shoe laces, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle and others are the ones running the show.
29 October 2006 00:28
but why the FINUL doesnt blow these planes to pieces?
they should have forgot their AA weapons, they wont use them if it's not against Israeli targets...

this is so sad. these guys violate the borders made by the UN, and the UN forces are watching...
if Hezbollah walks with a gun in a street they would get shot... but an Israeli Aircraft with Missiles it's cool...

and guys? do you think that the Neocons really believe in their religious background? or that they are just doing it to please and use the huge Evengelist Christian community in USA?

support Israel and you get nearly automaticly 50million voters... they would kill the whole world to make Israel...
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