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jhd1967 [ MP ]
8 janvier 2004 01:33
This breaking news

Millions of illegal migrants would be granted legal status and freed from the threat of deportation.

This great news was released about 30mn ago, we thought to share it with you all especially those of you who are still undocumented..

Please spread the word to those of us who are still struggling with the immigration in this country..

Best of luck to you all!

ted [ MP ]
8 janvier 2004 04:31
Is not official yet my have to wait...

This is just a proposal. It needs the congress approval. In other words, it needs a VOTE.

Be patient and good luck



ted smith
Calgary, Canada

“…speak to the rock and it will yield its water…”

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oussama [ MP ]
8 janvier 2004 08:23
qq'1 sait s'il y a de pateras de l'europe vers les usa??

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