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History : General Dlimi’s nephew believes that his uncle’s death was...
25 janvier 2018 13:58
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You can read: His father, Lahcen Dlimi, was an informant for the French colonial authorities and held a subaltern position in the French intelligence agency the SDECE.[1] It was reported that it was Lahcen Dlimi who co-opted Mohammed Oufkir for a job in the colonial administration in the late 1940s.[1]

After the independence of Morocco, he briefly married the daughter of a minister, Messaoud Chiguer.[2] Then married a daughter of another minister, Bousselham.[2] This event opened the doors of the highest power circles for Dlimi, who was then a simple young officer in the army.[3]

Through his father Ahmed Dlimi was also related to Oufkir. Fatima Chenna, the wife of Oufkir and daughter of colonel Chenna, was related to Lahcen Dlimi through her mother.[1]

Ils font tout pour être du côté gagnant, Au service des Colons, Puis au Service da Hassan II et allant jusquu au meurtre de Mehdi Ben Barka: L´opportunisme est dans le sang de cette si c´ est vrai qu´il voulait prendre le pouvoir à Hassan II, donc l´opportunisme peut être trés dangereux.
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