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Happy Ramadan!!
Minniemouse [ PM ]
11 September 2007 17:28
Hi folks,

As we're about to start fasting in the next couple of days, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a verry happy ramadan and may all your wishes come true in this sacred month Smiling Smiley

Ramadan Moubarak

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw

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verveine [ PM ]
11 September 2007 17:34
Happy Ramadan to you too and to all the friends in Yabi, may this month be an opportuinity of reconciliation, friendship, health and love,
Mabrouk Ramadan
atlasmagic [ PM ]
11 September 2007 21:22
Thank you & Ramadan mubarake to all & may this month brings health ,prosperity & peace
aela.91 [ PM ]
11 September 2007 22:38

mabrouk 3ewacherkom... may this month be happy to you all.

Il faut se garder de trois fautes : parler sans y être invité, ce qui est impertinence ;
ne pas parler quand on y est invité, ce qui est de la dissimulation ;
parler sans observer les réactions de l'autre, ce qui est de l'aveuglement. [Confucius]
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