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el guerrouje double champion olympique !!!!
28 août 2004 20:18
mes felicitations !!!!
28 août 2004 20:27




N° 2008X027...15/07/2007 : dépôt dossier à Lyon 14/01/2008 : entretien préfecture 20/12/2008 : mail Rezé : avis favorable
28 août 2004 20:28
28 août 2004 21:14

Allah Ô Akbar !

Allah I Jazih Bel Khir !

Out Bekele & Kipchoge (de bonne guerre Smiling Smiley)

[hr][b]L’art de la guerre, c’est de soumettre l’ennemi sans combat.[/b] (Sun Tzu)
28 août 2004 21:18
il mérité amplement ce doublé hiostorique pour l'histoire de l'athlétisme marocain . depuis 1924 , le doublé 1500m et 5000m n'avait été réalisé . Aujourd'hui en 2004 grace à notre hicham national c'est fait et je suis content pour lui. merci el guerrouj ...
Un chleuh parmi tant d'autre.
28 août 2004 22:06
Bravo Hicham, bravo Hicham, bravo Hicham et milles fois merci
28 août 2004 22:11
Rien à dire il nous a vibré ce Grand Hicham, Bravo
vivement de nouveaux Hicham pour d'autres disciplines

le Maroc au coeur. Ah ! Que lentement la vérité fait son chemin dans les esprits...
28 août 2004 22:17
je reste sans mots hicham el guerrouj=un homme en or
28 août 2004 22:57
Taou Taou Ztak Taou Taou Daha ou Daha………..
29 août 2004 00:09

juste pour me joindre à vous et crier un grand BRAVO à Hicham le Lion du stade Olympique :p !!!

Il nous a tous fait vibrer Crying (de joie), et il l'a mérité amplement !!

Soyons tous fièrs de nos athlètes qui ont joué pour leur pays, pour notre pays.

Wa salam

La vérité est comme le soleil. Elle fait tout voir et ne se laisse pas regarder :)
29 août 2004 01:27
Ces derniers temps quand on parle du Maroc, on le decrit comme etant le bercau du terrorisme. Heureusement El Guerrouj est la, il a donne au monde entier une image brillante sur le Maroc qui peut aussi produire des grands champions... Bravo Hicham.

Men's 5000m : Comments from EL GUERROUJ, BEKELE, KIPCHOGE
ATHENS, 28 August - Comments from Hicham EL GUERROUJ (MAR), Kenenisa BEKELE (ETH), Eliud KIPCHOGE (KEN)


On the fact that he won two olympic gold medals

"I can tell you I'm very happy. Two gold medals in five days! I was relaxed in the race and let my opponents do the work. I stayed behind until the last 100 meters. Everybody has watched this race. This is good for the sport and the new generation".

On if he became a legend after the double

"Two days ago I received a message from a friend at Tuluse. It was saying that in 1997 Athens discovered the prince, in 2004 Athens will discover the king. When I came to the stadium I was talking to myself and I was thinking of Paavo NURMI. I was telling myself "this is a great day for you. You have 20 hours to go. If you want to keep this medal, do it". I am very pleased. I thank everyone that helped me. I always dreamed of being an Olympic Champion and now I did it twice. It's fantastic".

On his feelings after achieving what he has been chasing for 8 years

"I could tell you a lot of stories that happened to me. When I lost in Sydney, I found it very hard to start running again. For four years I worked very hard. This year I experienced breathing problems. In July I didn't even know if I would be here. But I continued trying and I was thinking that God would help me at the right time".

On the race
"When I saw BEKELE and his performance, I thought that I was going to win. My strength is the finish. They made a serious mistake and they will have to wait another year for another race. But I won't be there. Maybe I will be with BEKELE in the 10,000m".

On how he will motivate himself after having won everything

"I can't decide now what I'm going to do in the next few years. Always I find great pleasure in running. I never gave up even with the difficulties. Maybe next year I will defend my title, if God wants it, and I also have the 5,000m. world record to beat."

On Paavo NURMI:

"He was a great legend. He made history in his time. Our generation is also very strong. Things have changed. Athletes like BEKELE, KIPCHOGE and GEBRSELASSIE are really great".

On comparing his feelings in Sydney and Athens

"Four years ago I was crying like a kid at the Press Conference. Now I am happy as a child. If God wants it, the future will be as today".

On the fact he was elected at the athlete's commission

"Many great athletes, like Sergey BUBKA, were also elected. Our job is to represent the athletes, to deal with their problems during the games. We must have a plan and to do the hard job and if God wants it I will do it in the right way".

On if he was enough prepared for 5,000m

"This year my objective was to do the double. The most important was the 1,500m gold medal. 20% of the work I did was for the 5,000m.. But my objective was to win the gold medals. Next year, if God wants it, I will move to the stage of breaking the world 5,000m record"

On if he was afraid that BEKELE could beat him

"Yes. He had demonstrated he was very strong at 10,000m. He is young, fresh and extremely talented. He can destroy all records from 5,000m. maybe up to the marathon. But today I was very strong mentally, even after four races".

Kenenisa BEKELE (ETH)

On why he didn't run faster

"I was waiting for someone else to do it (to lead). I run reasonably well. But I was tired from the 10.000m."

On if he was expecting EL QUERROUJ to have such a strong finish

"If I had started earlier my sprint, maybe I could make it and win. But I let him continue and that was my mistake. He is too strong at the finish"

On the fact that he was the favorite to win the race

"I was strong and I didn't face any particular problem. But it is a race and in a race someone must be first and someone else second"

On why he wasn't able to do the kick he did at the last lap of 10,000m:

"Today wasn't my day. If I had tried that 400m before the finish, maybe it would work. But it wasn't my day".


On why he didn't run faster at the beginning:

"We were all waiting for someone else to make a move. I was expecting too a faster race. But these are the Olympic Games. Everybody can win and in any way".

On if he was expecting EL QUERROUJ to have such a strong finish:

"Yes, because he is coming from a shorter distance in which he needs to be fast in the final meters".

ONS rv/pg
29 août 2004 10:52
merci baucoup a Hicham pour les 2 medailles d'or......

tout le maroc est fier de lui............

1000 Bravooooooooooooo

29 août 2004 12:02

Le Kaiser vous salue bien !
29 août 2004 12:30
Magnifique ! Bravo à l'enfant de Berkane
29 août 2004 12:45

Dou medaille, Dou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Félicitation a tu nous lit Grinning smiley..Bashtek.... et Bravo..tu l'a bien mérité..
tu nous a tous fait t'aurais preté mes jambes dans les derniers 400 metres si j'aurais pu!!! Grinning smiley

T'es trop fort!!!!!!!!! G jamais été aussi enthousiaste devant de l'athlé!! je courait sur place a la fin... je voulais tant que tu gagnes et t'a gagné...


ps: toujours a remercier Allah (swt) en se prosternant... ca fait chaud au coeur Smiling Smiley

29 août 2004 15:55
tachilhite78 a écrit:

> t'aurais preté mes jambes dans
> les derniers 400 metres si j'aurais pu!!!

Eh bien, Tachilhite78, je crois qu'on l'a échappé belle. le pauvre Hicham aurait terminé avant-dernier avec tes jambes

Le Kaiser vous salue bien !
31 août 2004 15:52
moi je croiqt que maintenant il merte un film
s'est du grand art
Emission spécial MRE
2m Radio +