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Good Article on the NYT....
25 October 2006 19:22
25 October 2006 19:34
It just made me feel homesick again!!!!! nice post!
25 October 2006 19:44
Morocco at its best, thanks for that breeze from home, Almot.
25 October 2006 19:45
Hey riffman and chelhman,
I had the chance to do that climb years ago, it's unbelievable, I highly, and strongly recommend it to everyone, as I posted while ago somewhere on this forum, it's not that hard to do, and the rewards are great. Sad, however, to climb to the top of Toubkal, to reach the refuge, open the guest book and find the vast majority of signatures are those of Europeans, Japanese and Americans.
Take a good camera because you will be dazzled by the scenery, it’s that good.
Take care,

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25 October 2006 19:50
I actually remember your post from a few months and it's on my to-see listSmiling Smiley, I climbed the mountains around Oukaïmeden a long time ago, we ended up in a remote village, the article reminded me of that.
26 October 2006 19:08
salam alaykum

it is amazing place

last time i went to Morocco ,my sis and I went discovering part of hight Atlas mountains and othere area, we stayed in Marrakech but during each day thru travel agency we go somewhere Ouazazat Saouira ,Ourika etc
my next trip inshallha Draa valley specially Zagora will be my destination .travelling with nomade sleeping under the stars (tm)
27 October 2006 08:07
still a lot to discover in our country…… thanks Almot for the article.....
27 October 2006 15:53
I had several exciting trips in Morocco... the one I went from Tangier to Dakhla. and another trip to Merzouga.
of course by car. before that I had travelled by bus and train. Morocco has a lot to offer, from beautiful sandy quiet beaches, to windsurfing and jetskiing. From trekking on the mountains, to a trip on the sand dunes by camel or land rover. How about gambling in a Casino? we've got that too. and skiing or snowboarding? we got that too... but there is one problem... the government is not investing in that! too sad!
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