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Finally an open debate
10 October 2006 14:04
For those of you who didn't follow the story, a few months ago two Harvard professors released a study on the israeli lobby in the US. As expected, they got hammered hard by the usual suspects, Alan Dershowitz, Shlomo Ben Ami...
Here's a debate between those two professors and a panel that includes Dennis Ross, former envoy to the Middle East and Shlomo Ben Ami.
If you want to read the Harvard paper before you watch the debate, it can be found here :



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18 October 2006 02:46
salam alaykum ,

I dont know but both links are not working.however thank you for trying
18 October 2006 11:40
Hi Sarah70,

You're right, they've rearranged the website, here's a link :

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