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Fears raised over the condition of «Hirak» detainee, Rabii Elablaq
2 août 2017 18:14
I really have no sympathy for these guys arrested.
It's stupid to support a revolution with no proper political plan. You are just opening the door for Islamists to take control of the country.
It's stupid to protest. We are all pissed off about what's going on in Morocco, yes, the government isnt doing its job. But all governments are obsolete nowadays. But we are not protesting. We wait for it to die. As it is inefficient, it will be replaced at some point. Basic science. But I'm not wasting my time, health to moan and scream in front of cameras in the streets like an useless old woman... No sir, I'm working, planning, plotting, investing, building... I don't wait for the government to help me. I just ask them to get the hell out of my way.

As every decent Moroccan is doing. You build a bubble. And you live inside it. You are in Morocco, but you are not with the others...
If you can't understand that. You failed as a Moroccan. And you are just another vampire, trying to replace the corrupt to take their place and do the same.
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