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US embassy in Lebanon imports weapons used for commandos operation
31 October 2006 08:58
US embassy in Lebanon imports weapons used for commandos operation
Lebanese Customs Report
Manar special report – Fatima Mussawi -Translated/ Two violations of the Lebanese sovereignty took place this year, one of them was American and took place in Beirut's International Airport, while the other was by the Israeli Mossad on the "Damour" beach south of the capital. According to the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, on the third of February 2006, custom service personnel at the airport intercepted a package sent to an employee at the US embassy in Aoukar called Mark Savago. The package was sent from Britain to Lebanon via the Liban-Post and contained military equipment, part of which is used commandos operations. The customs report said that the seized package contained 3 combat rifles and three silencers. This has raised many questions about the right and the purpose of importing such weapons by an American diplomat in Lebanon. Observers also wondered if the US embassy in Lebanon is planning for something, especially that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced that a wave of assassinations will take place in Lebanon to shake the government of Premier Fouad Saniora. This came as the Akhbar daily said that security forces have captured a Lebanese national called Faisal Mokdad and that he confessed of collaborating with the Israeli army for many years. Mokdad gave significant information about his activity in Lebanon, which was described as far more dangerous than any previous collaborator. He confessed that during last winter, he transported weapons from Israel in small boats and placed them on the "Damour" beach, to be later collected.
31 October 2006 18:25
What else new? We all know who sponsors the terrorist all over the world. Who do you think assassinates the late president of Lebanon Rafik al harriri. The Mossad with the supervision of the Americans and the help of some bad apples from the Lebanese Christian collaborator. So they can destabilize Lebanon and create an other civil war. and accused Syria or Iran in order to have a justification to wage a war against them or strangle them with sanctions.
1 November 2006 14:49
I agree with you, the USA has been trying to place sanctions for Syria for a long time. And the assassination of Hariri just boosted that. As a result, the syrian army left lebanon, and then isreal raged the war against lebanon... definetly Mossad work! as the bombings in London and Bali.
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