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E-commerce business
housaimiya [ PM ]
10 May 2008 11:14
Dear All,

I'm actually planning to start-up a personal business which’s an online e-commerce website specializes in advertising & promoting manufacturers targeting overseas markets. I would like to hear some advices on the things needed and bind by the law on e-commerce. Is there any requirement needed to start-up an e-commerce website in terms of law & regulation?

Thanks a lot.
kamal a [ PM ]
12 May 2008 03:20

The great thing about e-commerce as you and many others call it is that it exists only in cyber space till it lands on “terra firma” like your bank or a defamatory statement is made.
Regardless of what "Cyber law" says anywhere, there is a mechanism by which to defeat it. Make sure firstly that whatever you advertise for sale or service is as close as possible to the real thing or if not then practicably so.
Make sure that whatever you sell or service is legal in the places your buyers come from otherwise you should carry a disclaimer to inform them of the liabilities, penalties, breaches and possible offences they may commit if your advertisement do not apply to them. And if they still continue you have a defense for it.
Let’s say you are selling packages of Beatles entire collection of songs, direct from a factory in some place not known to anyone (that your business) and it costs $45 US dollars or $80 US for an entire package. Make sure the payments are by secure pay on the internet to an account in a country that does not permit the identity of the holder to any law enforcement agency anywhere without a proper conviction being proved first.
Even then if that happens make sure that you have a series of companies in different jurisdictions to protect your final identity. In such instance and say you also offer a voucher for Channel or perfumes to the buyer at certain outlets in their country , make sure there are fly by night shelf companies that change their identity after the first million. China is a good place to start up with. Some of the South Mercian Island is too good for the purpose.

good luck
housaimiya [ PM ]
13 May 2008 09:13

got the massage.

thanks for all the details. really appreciated it

take care
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