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Diaspo # 194 : Abdelghani ‘Sheer-luck Holmes’ Waamrou, a Moroccan police...
24 mai 2021 03:10
One of the best men and best police officers I have ever known. I remember him running in the middle of the street risking his life to catch a child that was running into the woods. We later found out that the child was a special needs individual who could lose his life within minutes of him getting into the woods and also learned the child was none verbal ( unable to speak). Minutes later, the missing child call came in and officer Waamrou returned the child to the family unharmed. Officer Waamrou could have turned his head to not be bothered with the possibility of racking up more paperwork or getting in trouble for dealing with something that just looked out of place specially in this day and age and gone home to be with his family, but he didn't. This is only one of the stories out of thousands of stories of good police officers serving the public. Officer Waamtou, great knowing you brother.
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