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Are you creative (game)
Hicham_A [ PM ]
19 September 2007 14:52
let's start a new game. well it is not complicated.. all we have to do is start a story and then everybody can particpate by adding a small part as a continuation, be creative and don't restraint your imagination, the result will be something very special ... i shall start it :

Ba hassoun decided to take his family and leave the valley. it was not a very difficult decision to make as he spent his life moving with family around "bilad almaghrib". The sheep were starting to starve and the food stock was nearly empty..
verveine [ PM ]
19 September 2007 15:18
so he informed everybody that they will be leaving tonight since the weather will be cool. Unlike the morning sun that burns the sking. Everyone agreed, except his youngest son who, for some reasons, could not go away of that land. Miloud got the courage to say no to his father who did not appreciate that. The father decided to force him to go, he attached him to a tree and went to sleep.....
atlasmagic [ PM ]
19 September 2007 15:58
Early in the morning Ba hassoun woke up to do his al fajr prayer before setting off, he check if Miloud is still there ,but to his amazement no traces of him
Ba hassoun started asking around to find out the where about of his young son Miloud ,now he finds out that Miloud was freed by Al Batoul his secret "3achi9a" they kept their realtion secret all this time ,but the poor girl could not face it when the news broke up that Miloud wasforced to leave the valley
Miloud & Al batoul were last spoted on a Tractor on his way to "souk la3ab3a"
Minniemouse [ PM ]
19 September 2007 17:07
looooooooool "souk la3ab3a", what the hell??!!!Grinning smiley

Miloud was now in a real turmoil over what he did to his father. He was torn between his love for Al Batoul and his devotion to his father and on the way to the souk, he informed his lover that he is thinking of going back. Luckily Al Batoul was a strong woman and managed to convince him to stay with her. She was also very beautiful and used all her charm to keep Miloud by her side. After talking it through again and again, Miloud decided to go for the adventure. After all, this was what his father wanted to do when he decided to move around "bilad almaghrib"; he may find it enjoyable to travel with the woman of his life. But first, they had to make some money before embarking on their impredictible journey...
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
aela.91 [ PM ]
20 September 2007 14:57
miloud kept torturing his mind to find a way to make money but in vain.
his lover on the contrary was full of ideas and wanted a chance to put them into action. but how could she convince miloud that that was the only way out?? he had always been righteous and doing something that could lead them to problems was beyond his temper. how could she convince him?? she kept repeating to herself.
Il faut se garder de trois fautes : parler sans y être invité, ce qui est impertinence ; ne pas parler quand on y est invité, ce qui est de la dissimulation ; parler sans observer les réactions de l'autre, ce qui est de l'aveuglement. [Confucius]
Minniemouse [ PM ]
20 September 2007 18:25
So on their way to the market, albatoul said:

"Miould, i know you are concerned about our fate but i have a solution. We should go to my cousin who owns the eggs shop and ask him for money!"

Miloud looked up from his deep reflection and replied in an angry voice:

"Are you insane? do you realise what you are asking me? what do you want me to do with my pride? what kind of man they'd think i am for stealing their daughter and begging for money to support her!"

Al batoul, who was expecting this reply said:

"Don't be too narrow-minded Miloud, my cousin Boujemaa is like my brother. We grew up together and he knows you have a deep affection for me. He will do anything to help me out in this crisis"

Miloud blushed slightly at this comment but said firmly that he will not borrow any money from anyone.

Albatoul started to cry softly and said in a little voice:

"I thought your love for me was greater than this. I have left my family and ran out with you and you can't even make this small sacrifice for me. We're going to borrow the money and return it once we can make some".

Miloud who couldn't bear to see Albatoul cry admitted defeat and agreed to go see Boujemaa...
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
atlasmagic [ PM ]
20 September 2007 23:26
Just as they were approching the shop Miloud spoted his cousin 3be9a niknamed Abdo with his Golf 7awliya & the Doudi's music blasting out
Addo as he is known in Italy was happy to see Miloud ,after a big hug & how this & that ,Abdo started showing off to Miloud his Golf had a nice stero & allow weels ,poor Miloud was not interested but had to play a long with Abdo's ego ...
Miloud pulled Abdo to one side & confessed to him that he was on his way to Boujemaa shop to borrow some money ,Adbo was ferious to hear his cousin having to ask others when his relatives could help him

Adbo was on his way to Casa & offered to him both of them a lift & handed Miloud some money .
With Music blasting & the smoke inside the car Al Batoul was feeling sick & they had to stop a couple of time for the poor girl to get some fresh air ..
Al Batoul was pleased to see the High building of Casa & this meant a big deal for her & Miloud & also a an escape from ABdo & his boasting about his life in Atalyane & how well his done but Moiloud was feeling nervous in a big town where he does not know any one & he need to support his lover
aela.91 [ PM ]
21 September 2007 00:18
after long farewells, Al batoul and miloud left abdo and his blasting music. even if abdo had invited them to dinner, AL batoul couldn 't stand no more of his boasting speech and how he was someone in atalyane and how people there respected him.

miloud knew they had problems awating for them.

they were in a big city, and had enought money for a night in a hotel and eat something.

they headed for the city center and found a small inn where they had a bowl of harira each and a small bun.

this frugal meal was all they could afford, but nonetheless they were happy to be together and decided to find a solution the next morning after a good night sleep.
Il faut se garder de trois fautes : parler sans y être invité, ce qui est impertinence ; ne pas parler quand on y est invité, ce qui est de la dissimulation ; parler sans observer les réactions de l'autre, ce qui est de l'aveuglement. [Confucius]
atlasmagic [ PM ]
23 September 2007 16:31
Miloud started talking to the guy at the hotel reception & found out he was originaly from his parts & as he explained he was looking for work with Al Batoul & they did not have money the receptionist promised to find a security job for Miloud .

Miloud & al Batoul were very excited with this promise & could not believe their luck ,they also learned quickly that they have to tell every one they are husband & wife to avoid all sort of problems
Meanwhile Ba Hassoun decided to carry on with his plans & left the village
Minniemouse [ PM ]
23 September 2007 18:50
Miloud and Albatoul were now facing a new problem. They can't stroll casablanca's streets without the risk of being stopped and interrogated by the police. Besides, they had to rent 2 rooms in the hotel and they only had enough money to pay for one. The receptionist took pity on them and suggested to take Miloud to sleep in his house and AlBatoul could sleep in the room for tonight. Miloud was grateful but once in Bouchaib's house, he couldn't sleep and spent the night thinking of a solution to his new challenge. He finally thought of something and managed to get some sleep.
The following morning, over breakfast in Mahlabat Bouziane, Miloud popped the question and asked ALbatoul to marry him. He loved her very much and were now together in this adventure, there was no reason why they wouldn't seal their fate on paper. This at least would avoid trouble with the authorities. Albatoul was overjoyed with these news but started crying. She had never imagined getting married far from her mother and her sister Mahjouba. Miloud took her in his arms and reassured her that once their problems are resolved, they would go back to lebled and they would have a proper wedding with both families.
For today, they have decided to spend the day shopping for some clothes to get married. They asked some passers for directions to shops and they headed down to Almaarif where they stumbled upon the huge towers of the twin center. Albatoul was so excited to be in such a glamorous place and was running like a child towards the big enlighted shops. Miloud however was a bit reluctant, he was somewhat shocked by the revealing postures of the mannequins displayed on the shop's big windows. Some were only dressed in their underwear!!!! Miloud and Albatoul toured the ground floor and decided to try the 1st floor for more shops, they were now heading towards the escalators...
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
happybrain [ PM ]
24 September 2007 00:13
Suddenly Si Miloud stopped just by the escalators, grab his Jalaba with both hands and stepped forward saying: ' Ya bismillah, yabismillah'. Never has seen such machine before. Albatoul was already half way down steering at this shop just in the front of her. It was a ‘diesel shop’. Miloud is just about to find out that his future wife ,Albatoul, is a shopaholic.
By the time Miloud reaches downstairs, Albatoul is in there, in the shop already trying clothes. She was acting like someone who has just found water after being lost in the Sahara. Poor Alabatoul, she forgot that they have got no dirhams left.
Hicham_A [ PM ]
24 September 2007 11:23
Lol you"ve gone to far...

Minnie i imagine miloud taking albatoul in his arms in mahlabat bouziane ... and the waiter is sharukh khan .... 9taltouni beddahk ClapClapClap
Minniemouse [ PM ]
25 September 2007 11:57
Lol you"ve gone to far...

Minnie i imagine miloud taking albatoul in his arms in mahlabat bouziane ... and the waiter is sharukh khan .... 9taltouni beddahk ClapClapClap

yes sir, you should be impressed! i think you should start contacting publishers or even producers, this could easily make it to number 1 on the top 10 Grinning smiley
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
Hicham_A [ PM ]
25 September 2007 12:17
I should rather declare that i'm not responsible of what's going to happen later .. this story is tarting to scare me ... a homeless shopaholic girl... people hugging in mahlabate... twin towers in casablanca... too much Tongue sticking out smiley
atlasmagic [ PM ]
3 October 2007 23:45
After some window shopping they had enough & left to meet with the hotel receptionist who promised them help
Once he finished his shift he took them to see some lady in Lam3arif called Hajja who was looking for some helpers in her residance she was "syndic" in this reidance in down town Lam3arif
Luck smiles to Miloud & Batoul as he will be the security man for the building & Batoul will be the cleaner & they will get a free accommodation in the building

Things are better now & the couple are happy now & they are getting on with their jobs & everyone is happy with them.......
Minniemouse [ PM ]
4 October 2007 09:47
atlas, does that mean the story is finished???Eye popping smiley that was a funny way to wrap up one of the best stories of the century Grinning smiley

I had in mind several scenarios and needed just time to write something down but now you've blown up my dream of becoming a famous writer! pfff Sad Smiley

sorry i'm only kidding of course Winking smiley

Mr Hicham. you need to tell us what you think of this ending and start a new story, this time featuring people of the city please, we've had enough of countrysiders lol
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
atlasmagic [ PM ]
4 October 2007 10:21

No, i did not wrap it up its just a bit of a good luck streak before other twists ...........
We also have Ba Hassoun & his travelling ect ..........
I'am no writer but i like the idea of imagining a continuation to the story after others imput ....
Hicham_A [ PM ]
12 October 2007 11:01

well i didn't expect the story would focus on miloud and i didn't expect such a quick ending like this one.. anyway this could be the end of a part ... we still have ba hassoun moving to somewhere ..we have also this new life in casablanca and many things we could "rebondir" on Tongue sticking out smiley

hey Minniemouse, i think countrysiders have more interesting things and stories to tell than city people Tongue sticking out smiley ... moreover i'm a pure 3roubi and i love telling stories about this wild side of mine ..
atlasmagic [ PM ]
15 October 2007 18:16

There are more twist to the story still ,this was just the calm before the storm ..............
site4everything [ PM ]
15 October 2007 20:54
Batoul is expecting a child and Miloud is adamant that she must have her baby in Lbled. He strongly believes in family ties and moreover, he thinks that just, may be, his new child can amend the relationship with his & her family. But Batoul had some other ideas as they just managed to receive their passport
Minniemouse [ PM ]
16 October 2007 13:35
The argument between the two of them lasted so long that it ended up with al batoul having a nervous breakdown. Miloud, frightened to death, called in a cab quickly and took al batoul to hospital. Unfortunately, the odds were against them one more time and al batoul miscarried and lost the baby. A devastated Miloud lost the joy to live and became more and more distant in the weeks that followed.
Al batoul recovered after few days and went back to her job as the cleaner at the owner’s house. The man and his wife were very kind to her and treated her as a daughter. The wife told al batoul not to worry about losing the baby; she was only 21 years old and had the time of the world to conceive many babies. She thought al batoul was very beautiful and could do better than cleaning houses only. She discussed with her husband and came up with the suggestion of sending al batoul to school to learn how to read and write. Al batoul was so overjoyed she thought she has never been so blessed. Miloud on the other hand was quite reluctant to let her go to school and mix with other boys but he succumbed under the landlord’s pressure.
Al batoul finally went to school and was extremely happy with what she was learning. Her appearance has totally changed, she was now wearing skirts, jeans and trainers and her hair was cut short to reflect her small face. She looked stunning.
The gap between her and Miloud was growing up though but she preferred to ignore it for now. If the worst came to the worst, she could always make use of her brand new passport…
Then on one summer evening, Youssef, the landlord’s son who was studying for his PHD at Harvard, returned home to spend his vacation with his family. His heart nearly leapt to his mouth and his smile froze as he rang the bell and a dazzling young girl opened to him…
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
atlasmagic [ PM ]
16 October 2007 14:16
Youssed take al Batoul out one evening to ain Diab & there things got a bit too hot to handle & they ended up in his cousin's bachlor pad in Znata where one thing lead to the other ...
Youssef continue to see Al Batoul untill the end of his holiday when he laft her to deal with Miloud who was also having his bit on the side with Latifa the girls on the 3rd floor ,a carrer lady wih an expensive taste ,she introduced Miloud to night in the Cabaries & expensive malts
Miloud was also drowning in this messy relation

Meanwhile Ba Hasoune was on his way East
Minniemouse [ PM ]
16 October 2007 22:38
Bloody hell!!!!!!! Atlas, you certainly didn't waste time! looooooooooooool. I had a huge laugh reading what you wrote. How on earth did albatoul manage to make it to ain diab without Miloud taking notice?? and where the hell did this Latifa come from?? Grinning smiley
I was hoping to give the story a romantic side when the guy Youssef falls madly in love with albatoul and lives a dilemma when he is forced to leave without her. But it's interesting how the story keeps changing, i guess what we write just reflects the way we think? (lol only kidding of course Grinning smiley)

Let's see what happens next anyway, i'm curious to read about ba hassoun's adventure...
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
happybrain [ PM ]
17 October 2007 00:26
Meanwhile Ba Hasoune was on his way East
He looked very tired, lost lot of weights and had no money left. Since Miloud left, All what he did is going from one village to another looking for him.
Ba Hassoune is a guy that doesn't give up easily and he swore that he won't rest until he finds Miloud. Somewhere in the rif montain, he met up with this guy who was off his head and Ba Hasoune asked him if he saw Miloud while holding his black and white picture.The person told him that all people who are lost always go East. Ba Hassoune was bad in geography as he never studied so he turned and went West. On his way down the montain, some donkey's riders were heading off to 'Dar Elbaida' so he hooks up with them ....
atlasmagic [ PM ]
17 October 2007 23:51

Its the way the story goes tried to keep it real .........
Al batoul told Miloud she was helping Tata Malika in her villa in ain Diab ........

After few Days Ba Hassoune made it to Dar albaida & started his search for his son
Things gone from bad to worst Miloud drinking every night & being violent towards Al Batoul who did not take it too easy when Youssef left without saying bye

Miloud's job is also on the line as he is not doing his duties & every one in the building knew about his affair with Latifa
kolchi_bekher [ PM ]
19 October 2007 20:56 s so unbelievable how the events keep changing
it s amazing ....Clap
i m so curious to know what would happen
site4everything [ PM ]
22 October 2007 20:18
Miloud was summoned to see his boss immediately. Once he steps in inside the boss’s office, he heard a loud voice that make Lions tremble with fear asking him to explain the rumours that he has been hearing about his performance at work. Miloud couldn’t really defend himself and words didn’t flow as it used to. He was stinking of alcohol as well. Buffing and humming, the boss had no choice and he sacked Miloud – mousiba hadi
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