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caftanfleur [ PM ]
29 April 2009 18:24
I'm from Fès in Morocco.I realize Caftans and takchetas with a beautiful style.
I propose muy services for individuals and for neggafats .

For more information contact me in [email protected]

see you soon
salma49 [ PM ]
17 May 2009 12:38
hi there
where do actualy live?
in morocco or in europe?Perplexe
caftanfleur [ PM ]
18 May 2009 14:17
I am in Morocco.
For more information you can join me on [email protected]

Best Regards

Caftan Fleur
salma49 [ PM ]
18 May 2009 17:45
ok thanx
i thought you were based in europeEye rolling smiley
caftanfleur [ PM ]
18 May 2009 17:56
If you need some thing you can contact me because I realize caftans and other products for persons in all the world.

You ca receive your caftan on 20 days

[email protected]

Best regards
salma49 [ PM ]
19 May 2009 10:32
cheers love
i ll think about itGrinning smiley
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