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Bush warning on Iraq terror risk - source BBC
25 October 2006 17:23
US President George W Bush has said that success in Iraq is vital to US security interests and essential to defeating extremism in the Middle East.
He said that if Iraq became a failed state, extremists could use it to try to establish a "radical empire from Spain to Indonesia".

However he told Americans they "can have confidence that we will prevail".

His comments come two weeks ahead of crucial mid-term elections, amid public dissatisfaction over policy in Iraq.
25 October 2006 17:29
Now, I wonder who should tell that shithead there is a difference between an arab and a moslem, an insurgent and a terrorist. If he cannot distinguish among them two, how is he bringing the comparison of the great expansion of the moslem empire with a future radical empire from spain to idonesia. How can a person like this be head of state and label moslems as terrorists? and still have support form arab and moslem countries!
25 October 2006 17:47
Hi riffman,

The White House is, like you say, just releasing those statements for domestic consumption, the election is less than two weeks from now and the republicans are about to be creamed.

So, Karl Rove is at it again, spreading fear as usual. I noticed he finishes as always by a sentence hinting at that clearly :
"here's what you should be afraid of, but vote for us, and we'll make it go away".

The Congress will fall, I'm not certain about the Senate, but if I were a democrat, I'm not sure I'd want to inherit the mess they left.
The democrats will be left with a bill that they will likely have to pay for the next ten years. Last time that happened was with the Clinton administration, but he had the internet bubble to help him stabilize the budget, this time there's no bubble in sight.
25 October 2006 19:20
Yes, Chelhman
"fear is the way to dominate mankind" and the bushies are doing exactly that! with some people in the army and navy suggesting a withdrawal from Iraq, and the polls going down... the only way to do something is to create terror, I wonder if in the coming weeks there is no terror alert like in the UK some weeks ago!
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