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British Moroccans living here in London
07/19/2005 04:18  
Salam All,

I am born British Moroccan living in London. I read a few of the post messages about this very interesting topic and I thought that majority of the messages post up had some sort of general patter going on. As an Moroccan living here in London I myself believe that I am not well rooted in the sense of where I am from which is not very common seen in the Moroccan community as well as other Moroccans living here in UK. But maybe it's because of the fact that there isn't any Moroccans living here in the UK compared to France which means that as British Moroccan I do feel sometimes 'alienated' because not enough is been done to emphasize my roots here in the UK. Plus also there is a greater concerns and knowledge of the existences of Moroccans living in countries such as France, Spain and Beligum but not really enough is been done over here!

Personal, I think that the Moroccans living in London especially are not well rooted from understanding and accepting their background which maybe it's because we do feel left out as there is not enough been done to show this.
07/19/2005 05:56  
I am sure you will find a lot of British-born Moroccans over there. My kids are all still over there but not in London - up North.
11/16/2005 01:19  
j aimerai bien faires des cours d'amelioration d'anglais a londres sachant que j ai un diplome en commerce international et je veux avoir un visa pour etidient potentiel mais je ne sais pas le titre justificatif que je dois fournir et le montant minim que je dois avoir sur mon compte bancaire ou bien sur celui de mo sponsor??
y a t il qq 1 qui peut m'aider??
merci d 'avance
11/16/2005 01:34  
Hi Chamsbladi

Tu peux t'inscrire dans une ecole ,pay ....ect il faut justificatif que tu peu te prendre en charge logement .....

Dans une ecole de Marketing ..... j ai entendu dire 180.000 dhs comme compte du sponceur ....

Good luck

PS : si t'a besoin d'info de l'ecole ils ont un bureau a Casa je te passerais l'infos .

Bonne chance
11/16/2005 02:50  
je te remercie infiniment pour la reponse;c est que j ai une amie laba, est ce qu elle peut etre utille???
Pour les infos /les ecoles peut me donner ce contact plz?
j ai peur que le consulat reffuse mon visa vu que je cherche une formation limitée.
11/16/2005 10:07  
Salut Chamsbladi

Surement votre amie peu etre utile pour pas mal de chose du moins le support moral !
Pour le bureau de Casa c'est ferme jusq'au mois d'avril, le site du college
Noter qu'il faut avoir des notions d'anglais .

Bonne chance
11/17/2005 12:54  
That was hard answer Mahaf, you should know teens are litle confuse in certain age, they dony know, where they belong. i gues is what lalla maryam is felling.

i hope she see light.

11/17/2005 09:37  
bonjour Pourtoi,
c est bien noté merci,si tu connais des cas comme moi stp fais moi te donnes mon email:[email protected]
commenet ca sepasse l'entretien au consulat et comme les procedures durent???
11/17/2005 09:39  
les procedures prendent du tempts?
11/17/2005 09:45  
I think Lalla Maryam writes pretty good English. Surely you don't need to speak 'with a plum in your mouth' to integrate? If that's the case I don't qualify either - LOL - and I am a native! We have quite a few Moroccan friends who have lived in the UK for 25 years and still haven't lost their accent.
11/18/2005 01:01  

Lets me warn you i 'am not a native nor awriter !
i do think however that in UK the Moroccan community is a "young" one & it wont be fear to start comparing it to others like in France ...

The luck of community involvement , active associations & activities by the Moroccans Consulate/Embasssy are the cause of this emptiness felt but the Moroccans in the UK in general.

I think that its on everyone to make an effort & get involved in setting up associations & create activities to keep in touch with our root & promote our culture & until this is done its up to us to keep looking at other communities & learn how we could do better .
11/21/2005 03:04  
I know this may sound odd, but why not just make an effort to make friends who aren't just Moroccan?

I'm sure you have already thought of this, but this is what integration is about. Not just - 'emphasizing the roots', 'forming associations', etc, and hanging out with other Moroccans! Actually accepting that you are in a different country, where people may not know much about Morocco and Moroccans, but that this is not a serious issue impeding friendship between cultures. What can be a problem is if the Moroccan involved expects or tries to become 'British' and loses their own integrity (and they probably won't be accpeted anyway as British by the British, due to whatever factors such as race or language), or if they expect the people they are in contact with to 'behave like Moroccans' (whatever that may be), and not respect the fact that they come from a very different culture already and do not really need to be 'educated'.

Just from my experiences of some Moroccan communities!

No criticism intended of any one in particular, I know it can be hard living in a different culture and language, I've done it myself and it's not the easiest thing to do.
11/25/2005 06:28  
Hello Everybody!

I'm writing from France where I've lived almost all my life, I'm a Morrocan female
I just wanted to say that I quite agree with Laure. Since I was a kid I've never made a difference between the different nationalities exixting in this world

I've spent 7 years in England surrended by very nice English friends, who were always there for me. I went there, not as a Morrocan female, not as a French female but simply as a human being. And beleive I made lots friends mainly English and Irish, I simply saw them as human beings and they simply saw me as a human being as well.

I was so well accepted that I even made fiends with the very famous group Massive Attack who regularly invited me, I personnaly met Bjork(the female singer) and I was in the guest lists of the group Oasis and other artists. This is just to say that often most things just depend on us, because I strongly beleive that there no differences between us, but I do not why we keep on creating thses diffrencies and making our lives more difficult by creating barriers

When I make friend with someone, I never pay attention to his or her nationality, I just see if this person is ok or can guess the rest
11/26/2005 04:44  
I am just wondring, hanging aroud with british people doesn´t mean u are integrated.

integrated means participate in the society profettionaly or as a student ..etc.
in other words be productif.

what you were talking about "Universal" is beeing socialising.
is good you are easy to get through people..

but still people look at your skinde when comes proffetionaly looking for a job good job you are discriminated against.

look aound you how many foreigner are head of office??

but hanging with people is always accepted in any socialty ..

11/26/2005 05:23  
Hello Aziz,

just to say that I did not make frind with people and hanged around with British to be integrated or not, as this word, for me, shoul not even exist, we are all part of this world. So to be integrated in what? in this world? we are already part of it

How do you think I managed to live there without being a student 1st and getting a job afterwards. Yes I was astudent and yes I had a job and a good job, after not even 2 years in this company I was made supervisor, I had a team of 5 English people working for me. Not too bad for someone, coming from a quite poor background and who grew up in the Morrocan's mountains

And just to say that in my actual company in france, big comapny one good of frind of mine, 4 years now, he is from Malaysia (very dark skin), he still does not speak french (only english) he is head now of 30 french people working under him!

Regarding discrimination, often it is a question of good or bad attitude, being able to control or not our emotions

Anyway, good luck to everybody
11/26/2005 06:51  
Hi Universal

may be you are just lucky in your case, but i have friends Phd who has problem getting a job in France, i mean the kind of job they want.

I know UK is giving job to high educated Somalien, there are lot of somalien movig from Danmark to UK when they finished there studies.

but as you said is question of attitude, if you are not to demanding of course you can always get a job.

11/28/2005 12:13  
Hi all,

Universal I quite disagree with you. Being born in France from Moroccan parents and having lived in the UK for close to 6 years ... I can tell you that there is a HUGE difference between the way we are treated in France and in the UK.

I managed in 2 years to go from normal employee to Manager in an American Bank in the UK whereas it would have NEVER been possible in France. I came back to France 5 years ago and am stuck in the same position (although as Manager given my prof. background) and am sick of it.

If your friend dark skinnned is Manager of 30 french people in France ... must be in an Anglo-Saxon company. Am I wrong??

Personally my decision is taken ... they don't want us in here and we should live as other countries would be more than happy to see us contribute to their economy.

THERE IS NO WAY you can work and have a career in France in a French company when you are muslim or dark skinned. That is a fact.
12/03/2005 09:23  

I am a Moroccan from France and I would like to find a training course in London just for 3 months in International Trade. Can someone help me to find it or give me advise!

04/07/2006 12:22  
hi Im morococan mard with british nationality man my problem is that he not got separate home just live with friends and i need to apply my setelement visa what procedure i know and if some one can hep me i will be thanks for him
01/25/2011 03:28  
hello am algerian married with british women, i had my visa refused and i did appeal , my date of hearing is in 9th of march , and i need advice for nice solicitor in london ...............hope to i find someone who could advice me......................
01/25/2011 08:25  
That is disrespectful to the topic of this forum. Please can you keep to the subject in hand?
Vous pouvez également commencer un sujet de votre choix.

Moroccan in England are ok and don’t need to change. They don’t need to live beside the British as in France or Belgium or even Holland. Any other behaviour can trigger the racism and rejection from the host country.
There is still a very good Moroccan community in the East/ West of London and they get together to celebrate religious festivals. Mum and has lots of Moroccan and Algerian friends. They have good parties as well as sad times to reflect on the ones lost of their pack. Be prepared to help others other than Moroccans you will get your help back from the more established Moroccan /British families.

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
03/02/2012 11:34  
Salam everyone,

I'm moving soon to London: me, my husband and our little baby of 9 monthes. I will be working at the Imperial college (south kensington). We are urgently looking for a house/appartement for the three of us in the neighberhood of any subway station directly going to south kensington. We are also looking for a daycare for our baby, preferably a moroccan woman who want to take care of our baby for 5 days a week (preferably in our house).

Please, if you can help us send me a message as soon as possible..

Many many thanks
09/29/2012 01:10  
Salam-a-laikoum everyone,

I am planning to get back to live and work in London.
I lived there from 1998 to 2010 where i worked in the restaurant industry in which unfortunately during all those years of a crazy nightlife lifestyle i get away from my roots my religion and my culture.
So in 2010 i got back near my family in the south of france where i grew up to get in touch with my roots, culture and back ground...i also went back to school and get a Higher national Diploma in Import/export logistics operation management .

Therefore now i am ready for a new departure with a loads of lesson learned and especially this one : "never forget where your from, your roots and culture" as the fall is quite hard and the landing even harder.

I am asking today if someone know any good, serious company that is doing business with morocco, buying or selling good to or from our beautiful country.

I am really seeking companies that doing trade with morocco or companies that sells Moroccan good, events companies that are organizing events in order for me to apply for jobs as i really want to be in that Moroccans spirit that we Moroccans know about as is a lifestyle and is in our genes.

I know that the best areas to live to be in the heart of a Moroccan community is around ladbroke Grove..If is another one please let me know.

Somebody can help by giving me details about how to find cheap accommodation by the time i get a job and move to a better place within the area of course.

I am had work, serious, versatile and have a great personality and also speak french.

Choukrane everyone and hope to read you soon...
10/07/2012 09:33  
Salaam alaykum,

I'm a moroccan living in Belgium, I travel quite often for business to London and other locations in Europe and Middle East. I will be travelling to London in the next few days and was hoping that someone could provide me some names / addresses of good moroccan restaurants; preferably in the area around london bridge / bank / liverpool street .

It would also be great to connect to moroccans that are living in London.

02/10/2013 05:12  
Please see our work here:

The Association Marocaine Du Football De Rue uses Street Football to drive access to Education, Health, Housing, Career Development and Social Enterprise opportunities for people experiencing hardship, disadvantage, inequality, social exclusion and marginalisation. Through our growing network of member organisations throughout Morocco and the world, we will use the power of football for the betterment of our communities. Be part of the change today!

L’Association Marocaine Du Football De Rue utilise le Football De Rue pour développer des opportunités d’accès à l’Education, la Santé, le Logement, au Développement Professionnel et à l’Entreprise Sociale aux personnes en difficulté, désavantagées, souffrant d’inégalité, d’exclusion sociale et de marginalisation. Par notre croissant réseau d’organisations membre, à travers le Maroc et le monde, nous utiliserons le pouvoir du football pour l’amélioration de notre communauté. Faites aujourd’hui partie du changement !
02/13/2013 12:55  
hello lalla Maryam I saw a London and I work, but I have not understood your question is clear, please?
05/22/2013 08:07  
what about the very many GAY moroccans ?
06/14/2013 04:50  
very funny and very true, bad english! very poor
07/16/2013 02:07  
Have you had enough of the London miserable weather? The long hours work (Only for the government to claw it back in Taxes). Have you had enough of the dark long winter Months?
Lack of Sunshine/ Vitamin D, light, lack of life?
Have you had enough of the falseness, superficiality and the futility of it all?
Do you yearn for warmth, substance, colors, chaos and madness? Do you yearn for life again?

In short : are you thinking of going back to lebled?