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breast feeding
marocain-09 [ PM ]
27 May 2009 11:49
are these people serious ?
i heard about this breastfeeding fatwa in the media few months ago , now there are videos all over the net of religious people marketing for these ideas
haven t they got anything better to do ?
[]Moody Smiley
whatsup [ PM ]
27 May 2009 16:45
Eye popping smileyEye popping smileyEye popping smiley
No NoNo Noi bet he is confusing women with a cow or a goat with udders
even a cow will kick his ass if he comes near her udders , he is a discusting pervert thumbs down
salma49 [ PM ]
27 May 2009 17:20
hi there
is a natural thing
but it shouldnt be for more than 1 year
whatsup [ PM ]
27 May 2009 17:27
rida3te al kabire means breastfeeding adults i have seen some strange converstaion of some imame of azhare explaining this and said : if a woman work with a man on their own in an office the chaytane is the third so in this case to fight any ideas that chaytan may plant in their heads they must do rida3te al kabire which mean she stick her things out and let him do it this way he will be mo7arame like her brother SOSSOSi am sorry i feel sick just writing what he said , does these people think before talking to the whole society Moody Smiley
salma49 [ PM ]
28 May 2009 16:18
that s strange
i ve never heard that before in my whole lifeNo No
aela.91 [ PM ]
28 May 2009 22:15

I've heard something of the kind.

I don't understand people nowadays: they tend to think people and men in particular are beasts who cannot control themselves. those in God's path know better than commit zina and the others don't need to be stopped. they do whatever they please and don't care about religion.
Il faut se garder de trois fautes : parler sans y être invité, ce qui est impertinence ; ne pas parler quand on y est invité, ce qui est de la dissimulation ; parler sans observer les réactions de l'autre, ce qui est de l'aveuglement. [Confucius]
salma49 [ PM ]
11 June 2009 08:49
well yeah that s right mate
allah yester wsafiSad Smiley
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