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arabic classes in Casablanca
7 September 2006 15:39
does anyone have any suggestions of where I can find well prepared CLASSICAL arabic classes in Casablanca?

any info would be appreciated,
14 October 2006 17:30
If you are a foreigner interested to learn Arabic then i will recommend you to take some prime classes in Moroccan arabic till you become used with the Arabic alphabets. Hence, when you will feel at-ease with the letters move on learning Standard arabic. CLASSICAL arabic would be very difficult for beginners.

P.S: i can teach you Standard and colloqial arabic if you are intersted.

14 October 2006 19:03
hi Kore,
i´m afraid i don´t know any center in Casablanca i heard about the one in Rabat (at university they organize arabic courses during the summer) and this one in Fez [] but i don´t know anything about courses in Casablanca..
actually i write to answer almond01...i think it will be better for you to take classes in classical arabic, then slowly but surely you won´t have any problems with larning ANY dialect, if you have a solid classical Arabic base then you´ll be able to learn Moroccan, Egyptian, Tunisian..
good luck!
14 October 2006 21:04
Dear Zahrawia,

Learning Classical arabic not even standard arabic is such a big burden for a beginner. I know many Americans and British ppeople who are interested in learning the lge but the striking grammar and vocalization make it pretty hard. What else i wanted to say that the majority of courses given in Morocco are that of Standard Arabic. Classical Arabic is the lge of the Quran and old classical poetry, knowing this how could you teach some1 new to Arabic this complicated lge even to native speakers. It would better for her to focus on Standard Arabic.
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