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can anyone recommand a good detective/crime serie ASAP!!
5 May 2017 14:17
hi everyone

so am really bored and I came across this forum and I thought maybe someone could recommand good series specially if it's about crime solving a case kind of genra

so here's a list of series that I already watched it

the mentalist
elementary (still going // really good)
the killing
true detective ( season 1 is a masterpiece season 2 was meh for me)
chuck ( I started it and dropped it not my style)
bones ( I started it but every ep is about bones XD I know it's in the title for me it's 2 technical to handle)
criminal minds

if it's not am down for a good movie to watch (comedy/detective) like sherlock plz XDD

thx in advance!
5 May 2017 14:33

The Wire ( Drug Trade in Baltimore, seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement. Very intersting.)

The Sopranos ( story of an italian mobster and his family)

5 May 2017 14:37
Or "Monk" if you like crime solving.
5 May 2017 14:38
First thing that comes to mind is Luther. You won't be disappointed.

I didn't get hooked on Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumberbatch but lots of people love the show. So worth checking I guess.

How old are you ? If you're not too young, I'd recommend Sense8. Not the genre you're after strictly speaking, but it can only blow your mind. It's amazing. Season 2 is about to air and I can't wait...
5 May 2017 14:40
The Wire : a must-see.

And The Shield...

Justify is quite good too.

Kim Patachian

The Wire ( Drug Trade in Baltimore, seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement. Very intersting.)

The Sopranos ( story of an italian mobster and his family)

5 May 2017 14:52
Columbo. ...
5 May 2017 16:11
How to Get Away with Murder thumbs up
5 May 2017 16:57
Justified is really good indeed

Please check these TV Shows, I watch a lot of US ones and they hooked me quickly
- Banshee. There's a lot of violence/nudity but it's a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned
- Graceland. Undercover cops investigate but sometimes cross the line
- The Red Road. A crime happens in a Indian reservation, there's gonna be trouble
- Breaking Bad. Ok, it's more about criminals than cops but they collide of course. This TV Show is a must-see, believe me

Then if you're ok with Sci-Fi/Crime, I strongly advise you to watch these TV Shows, they have been produced by Netflix with a Marvel licence, there's also superheroes but down to earth, some have more than one season and if you decide to watch them, do it chronogically as they're linked in the same fictional universe
- Daredevil
- Jessica Jones
- Luke Cage
- Iron Fist

As you've been told, The Wire and The Shield are good too but I did not watch them yet

Have fun !
5 May 2017 17:19
Justified : I got it mixed up with another series : Rectify

You need to watch Sense8, people. Trust me on this one, Juan.
5 May 2017 17:40
Fargo thumbs up

Penny dreadful


How to get away with murder

The wire

British series are the best, especially Utopia and Black Mirror

I recommend Sense8 too !! and also Mr Robot

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5 May 2017 21:58
oh thx guys !

actually I know about most of the series that you mentionned specially the wire and the sheild , breaking bad (I mean I googled best detective series so yeh XD)

but am just 2 picky maybe I need to watch the first ep of each one just to get over my prejudices

in the other hand I highly recommend " american housewife" comedy serie is really funny

have a great day or night (whatever you are) Bye
11 June 2017 16:00
The Lethal Weapon, there's only 1 season until now, but very funny, i love it smiling smiley
9 May 2018 17:06
netflix's "how to make a murderer"
26 August 2017 23:41
castle ,true detectives ,
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