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Another travel question!
Minniemouse [ PM ]
11 August 2010 14:16
Salam and Ramadan moubarak everyone

I have another question regarding travelling to Morocco. Sorry for pestering you again Smiling Smiley

My old Moroccan Passport has expired and I have renewed it and should collect my new passport next week. I wanted to have my Indefinite Leave to Remain stamp transferred from my old passport to my new passport but upon phoning the Home Office i was advised not to apply now as it takes 14 weeks to be ready and i have already booked my ticket to travel to Morocco on the 5th September.
I was however told by the Home Office agent that i do not need to have my Indefinite Leave to Remain stamp transferred to the new passport as long as i carry both passports with me when i travel so all i have to do is show my old passport which has my indefinite visa stamped on it and all should be fine. I have checked this information on the Home Office website and it is true so i know i will have no problem leaving and getting back in the UK but i am worried about what the Moroccan authorities might say. I don't expect to have problems getting in Morocco but is there a slight chance they might stop me when i am about to leave? I am planning to print the information from the Home Office website and show it to the officers in case i have to but knowing Morocco, any documentation is not valid unless it's signed and stamped 20 times!

My application for the British passport is pending at the moment as i need to send them both the old and new moroccan passports wich i could do next week but that's a bit of a high-wire act as it could take up to 6 weeks to get it.

Has anyone travelled with both passports before and had no problems? would the Moroccan consulate in London be able to advise me if i rang them?

Thanks for reading!
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
bootmashoot [ PM ]
13 August 2010 16:58
Hi.Decidement vous n'avez pas de chance avec les passeports!!

Like the guy at the Home Office said,just take the two passports
and hope for the best.
You'll have no problem this side,it's our boys at the other end
who like to be funny but if you have your old passport,you'll be
OK.(I hope)
Personally,I never travel with a Moroccan passport,I don't have
one and will never have and this since 1986.
When you get back(if they let you out,only kidding)hurry up
and sort out your British one.Bonne chance.
Nabuchodonosor II [ PM ]
16 August 2010 02:16
Hi minniemouse...

You should ring Pread street and ask for Mr Machhour or MR Tati, they both work respectivly at the passport office and the ID card section at the Morrocan Pread st.

Oh's been long time since....

Take care
Minniemouse [ PM ]
21 August 2010 01:12
Thank you both for replying back.

Bootmashoot, vous avez raison. Je dois avoir la poisse en ce moment!

I went to the consulate the other day hoping to speak to someone from the passport section but was stopped at the door by the "chaouch" ! i had to narrate the whole story to him and he advised me to just take both passports and not to worry as this solution is "more common than i think"..hmm still not convinced but don't have a choice really.

Thanks for the tip amir-al-bahr, i'll ring these guys on Monday just to reconfirm.
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
adds [ PM ]
30 August 2010 16:45
I am surprised you could keep your old passport mine they kept it. Make sure you know for sure you can leave Morocco; ask the consulate himself last time I have met up with MR El Asfare (few years back) was helpful and reassuring too.
By the way what hour are they opening over Ramadan? I need to renew my ID card.
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kweku [ PM ]
22 November 2012 19:42

I have an application pending for ILR outside the rules. But I need to travel outside urgently. The passport i sent to Home office has expired and I have a new passport- Can I travel with the new passport and leave the application to go through the consideration process
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