4.21 . How can ye take it ( back ) after one of you hath gone in unto the other , and they have taken a strong pledge from you?
4.22 . And marry not those women whom your fathers married , except what hath already happened ( of that nature ) in the past . Lo! it was ever lewdness and abomination , and an evil way .
4.23 . Forbidden unto you are your mothers , and your daughters , and your sisters , and your father ' s sisters , and your mother ' s sisters , and your brother ' s daughters and your sister ' s daughters , and your foster mothers , and your foster sisters , and your mothers-in-law , and your stepdaughters who are under your protection ( born ) of your women unto whom ye have gone in but if ye have not gone in unto them , then it is no sin for you ( to marry their daughters ) and the wives of your sons who ( spring ) from your own loins . And ( it is forbidden unto you ) that ye should have two sisters together , except what hath already happened ( of that nature ) in the past . Lo! Allah is ever Forgiving , Merciful .
4.24 . And all married women ( are forbidden unto you save those ( captives ) whom your right hands possess . It is a decree of Allah for you . Lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned , so that ye seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock , not debauchery . And those of whom ye seek content ( by marrying them ) , give unto them their portions as a duty . And there is no sin for you in what ye do by mutual agreement after the duty ( hath been done ) . Lo! Allah is ever Knower , Wise .
4.25 . And whoso is not able to afford to marry free , believing women , let them marry from the believing maids whom your right hands possess . Allah knoweth best ( concerning ) your faith . Ye ( proceed ) one from another ; so wed them by permission of their folk , and give unto them their portions in kindness , they being honest , not debauched nor of loose conduct . And if when they are honorably married they commit lewdness they shall incur the half of the punishment ( prescribed ) for free women ( in that case ) . This is for him among you who feareth to commit sin . But to have patience would be better for you . Allah is Forgiving , Merciful .
4.26 . Allah would explain to you and guide you by the examples of those who were before you , and would turn to you in mercy . Allah is Knower , Wise .
4.27 . And Allah would turn to you in mercy ; but those who follow vain desires would have you go tremendously astray .
4.28 . Allah would make the burden light for you , for man was created weak .
4.29 . O ye who believe! Squander not your wealth among yourselves in vanity , except it be a trade by mutual consent , and kill not one another . Lo! Allah is ever Merciful unto you .
4.30 . Whoso doeth that through aggression and injustice , We shall cast him into Fire , and that is ever easy for Allah .
4.31 . If ye avoid the great ( things ) which ye are forbidden , We will remit from you your evil deeds and make you enter at a noble gate .
4.32 . And covet not the thing in which Allah hath made some of you excel others . Unto men a fortune from that which they have earned , and unto women a fortune from that which they have earned . ( Envy not one another ) but ask Allah of His bounty . Lo! Allah is ever Knower of all things .
4.33 . And unto each We have appointed heirs of that which parents and near kindred leave ; and as for those with whom your right hands have made a covenant , give them their due . Lo! Allah is ever fitness over all things .
4.34 . Men are in charge of women , because Allah hath men the one of them to excel the other , and because they spend of their property ( for the support of women ) . So good women are the obedient , guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded . As for those from whom ye fear rebellion , admonish them and banish them to beds apart , and scourge them . Then if they obey you , seek not a way against them . Lo! Allah is ever High Exalted , Great .
4.35 . And if ye fear a breech between them twain ( the man and wife ) , appoint an arbiter from his folk and an arbiter from her folk . If they desire amendment Allah will make them of one mind . Lo! Allah is ever Knower , Aware .
4.36 . And serve Allah . Ascribe no thing as partner unto Him . ( Show ) kindness unto parents , and unto near kindred , and orphans , and the needy , and into the neighbor who is of kin ( unto you ) and the neighbor who is not of kin and the fellow traveller and the wayfarer and ( the slaves ) whom your right hands possess . Lo! Allah loveth not such as are proud and boastful ,
4.37 . Who hoard their wealth and enjoin avarice on others , and hide that which Allah hath bestowed upon them of His bounty . For disbelievers We prepare a shameful doom ;
4.38 . And ( also ) those who spend their wealth in order to be seen of men , and believe not in Allah nor the Last Day . Whoso taketh Satan for a comrade , a bad comrade hath he .
4.39 . What have they ( to fear ) if they believe in Allah and the Last Day and spend ( aright ) of that which Allah hath bestowed upon them , when Allah is ever Aware of them ( and all they do ) ?
4.40 . Lo! Allah wrongeth not even of the weight of an ant ; and if there is a good deed , He will double it and will give ( the doer ) from His presence an immense reward .
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