28.1 . Ta . Sin . Mim .
28.2 . These are revelations of the Scripture that maketh plain .
28.3 . We narrate unto thee ( somewhat ) of the story of Moses and Pharaoh with truth , for folk who believe .
28.4 . Lo! Pharaoh exalted himself in the earth and made its people castes . A tribe among them he suppressed , killing their sons and sparing their women . Lo! he was of those who work corruption .
28.5 . And We desired to show favor unto those who were oppressed in the earth , and to make them examples and to make them the inheritors ,
28.6 . And to establish them in the earth , and to show Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts that which they feared from them .
28.7 . And We inspired the mother of Moses , saying : Suckle him and , when thou fearest for him , then cast him into the river and fear not nor grieve . Lo! We shall bring him back unto thee and shall make him ( one ) of Our messengers .
28.8 . And the family of Pharaoh took him up , that he might become for them an enemy and a sorrow . Lo! Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts were ever sinning .
28.9 . And the wife of Pharaoh said : ( He will be ) a consolation for me and for thee . Kill him not . Peradventure he may be of use to us , or we may choose him for a son . And they perceived not .
28.10 . And the heart of the mother of Moses became void , and she would have betrayed him if We had not fortified her heart , that she might be of the believers .
28.11 . And she said unto his sister : Trace him . So she observed him from afar , and they perceived not .
28.12 . And We had before forbidden foster-mothers for him , so she said : Shall I show you a household who will rear him for you and take care of him?
28.13 . So We restored him to his mother that she might be comforted and not grieve , and that she might know that the promise of Allah is true . But most of them know not .
28.14 . And when he reached his full strength and was ripe , We gave him wisdom and knowledge . Thus do We reward the good .
28.15 . And he entered the city at a time of carelessness of its folk , and he found therein two men fighting , one of his own caste , and the other of his enemies ; and he who was of his caste asked him for help against him who was of his enemies . So Moses struck him with his fist and killed him . He said : This is of the devil ' s doing . Lo! he is an enemy , a mere misleader .
28.16 . He said : My Lord! Lo! I have wronged my soul , so forgive me . Then He forgave him . Lo! He is the Forgiving , the Merciful .
28.17 . He said : My Lord! Forasmuch as Thou hast favored me , I will nevermore be a supporter of the guilty .
28.18 . And morning found him in the city , fearing , vigilant , when behold! he who had appealed to him the day before cried out to him for help . Moses said unto him : Lo! thou art indeed a mere hothead .
28.19 . And when he would have fallen upon the man who was an enemy unto them both , he said : O Moses! Wouldst thou kill me as thou didst kill a person yesterday . Thou wouldst be nothing but a tyrant in the land , thou wouldst not be of the reformers .
28.20 . And a man came from the uttermost part of the city , running . He said : O Moses! Lo! the chiefs take counsel against thee to slay thee ; therefor escape . Lo! I am of those who give thee good advice .
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