12.101 . O my Lord! Thou hast given me ( something ) of sovereignty and hast taught me ( something ) of the interpretation of events , Creator of the heavens and the earth! Thou art my Protecting Friend in the world and the Hereafter . Make me to die submissive ( unto Thee ) , and join me to the righteous .
12.102 . This is of the tidings of the Unseen which We inspire in thee ( Muhammad ) . Thou waft not present with them when they bed their plan and they were scheming .
12.103 . And though thou try much , most men will not believe .
12.104 . Thou askest them no fee for it . It is naught else than a reminder unto the peoples .
12.105 . How many a portent is there in the heavens and the earth which they pass by with face averted!
12.106 . And most of them believe not in Allah except that they attribute partners ( unto Him ) .
12.107 . Deem they themselves secure from the coming on them of a pall of Allah ' s punishment , or the coming of the Hour suddenly while they are unaware?
12.108 . Say : This is my Way : I call on Allah with sure knowledge , I and whosoever followeth me Glory be to Allah! and I am not of the idolaters .
12.109 . We sent not before thee ( any messengers ) save men whom We inspired from among the folk of the townships Have they not travelled in the land and seen the nature of the consequence for those who were before them? And verily the abode of the Hereafter , for those who ward off ( evil ) , is best . Have ye then no sense?
12.110 . Till , when the messengers despaired and thought that they were denied , then came unto them Our help , and whom We would was saved . And our wrath cannot be warded from the guilty .
12.111 . In their history verily there is a lesson for men of understanding . It is no invented story but a confirmation of the existing ( Scripture ) and a detailed explanation of everything , and a guidance and a mercy for folk who believe .
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