what is really happening in UK?
maretranger [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 11:05AM

recently a Qatari student of 16 years old was killed in UK. Then it was reported few days ago that two Algerian sisters were killed and cut into pieces in Birmingham.

can our brothers and sisters living in UK explain to me what is really happening there?
Norasara [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 12:10PM
wow really!! OMG shocking...

pounkette [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 12:19PM

recently a Qatari student of 16 years old was killed in UK. Then it was reported few days ago that two Algerian sisters were killed and cut into pieces in Birmingham.

can our brothers and sisters living in UK explain to me what is really happening there?


Where did you read that?
wydadi2004 [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 02:12PM
this is all due to the credit crunch smiling smiley
fcurrito [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 02:43PM
I don’t live in the UK, but I am aware of the fact that Racism and racially motivated assaults and murders have been on the increase in the last decade, especially since 9/11. I witnessed the UK changing daily. In the old days it uses to be the black, now it’s the Muslims. Racial Assaults no longer get reported. The police only report crimes when they can not longer be ignored and hidden. England is now as bad as any other places in Europe. smiling smiley

Sympathy and Support for Qatari student killed in the UK...

Family grieves for murdered sisters...

The two main culprits are the government and the media. We all get brainwashed and the British are no exception. The media is run by Zionist and Islam is a nice tool to use to scare and distract ordinary folks. In the last two months or so, they were at least two court cases relating to Terrorism. At least two arrests and many which we do not know about and never get reported. With the new terrorism act, any Muslim can be arrested for an indefinite period with no access to defence lawyers or legal advice. When the accused get released, if they are lucky, no one hears about it. Under the terrorism act the police are under orders to shoot to kill as happened with the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes and other Muslims who were assaulted in their homes. Just this morning a kid was sentenced to two year on flimsy evidence.moody smiley

Computer terror teenager jailed...

Racist cop uses UK Terrorism Act to detain mixed-race family and take away their disabled child...
adds [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 04:28PM
One has to be very careful of some planned news that is not good news but SXXT stirrer news that will promote hatred and tension.
If you keep reading and believing whatever you find on the net you could become insane before you realise it… too late you are on the real news

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wydadi2004 [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 04:43PM
what planned news are you writing about?

the quatari student murder, and according to the media, was a racially motivated crime, and we'll find out soon who was behind the atrocity of Birmingham ...

is really getting scary
adds [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 05:24PM
not here mate; are you sure he is in UK?

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maretranger [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 05:36PM

Dear adds, it seems ur living in UK with ur coarpse whereas the brain is in our lovely Morocco. wake up man, they might knock at ur door while ur having ur SAHOUR.
he said [If you keep reading and believing whatever you find on the net you could become insane before you realise it] i'm sorry to say this but u look really disconnected from the whole world. Media is not only internet but also channels, newspaper, world press agencies, RSF etc...
have u really read the comment of Fcurrito, i think what he said reflects what is really happening not only in UK but the whole Europe and the west. thanks Fcurrito for ur comment.
wydadi2004 [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 06:06PM
that's absolutely right, UK is becoming not exception; what happening elsewhere is starting to cross the channel

have a read: [fr.news.yahoo.com]
fcurrito [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 06:56PM
smiling smileySorry you lost me there adds. Do you mean all this is just lies? May be this type of news is not worthy of reporting? It’s all propaganda to create more tensions? It is reported in a way to stir up trouble but does not convey the message it is supposed to? smiling smiley

The fact is that the world in general and the British in particular have already made up their mind about the muslims. Few articles won’t help them make up their mind. Muslims in Britian have always been treated as “different”. Their religion is seen as backward since it calls for the conquest of chritian land and lead to armagedon. Their culture is backward and enslaves woman, and brain wash children to blow up themselves. There is not doubt that the UK used to be one of the most tolerant places in the Western world. But that is no longer the case. Time has changes and mulsims in my opinion need to change with it and take serious measures to protect themselves and the future.

You just need to go through the scandalous and inhumane treatment, innocent muslims have been subjected to since the crime of 9/11. A Crime muslim had nothing to do with. The statistics speak for themselves.smiling smiley

Hundreds of civil liberties campaigners have protested outside Belmarsh Prison at the detention of 11 foreign nationals under UK anti-terrorism laws. Since the 9/11 attacks hundreds of people have been arrested in the UK under anti-terror laws, but fewer than 20 have been convicted.Censored

Note only 20 convicted among the 100’s, the 20 have to be used as scapegoat to justify their blunders to put it mildely.

Link: Protest at anti-terror detainees....

The Home Office was accused last night of rushing to deport a university administrator to conceal official blunders after he was arrested on terrorism charges only to be released without charge. A Labour MP criticised the decision, claiming there was no reason for it "other than to cover the embarrassment of the police and intelligence services".

Link: 'Draconian' Home Office fast-tracks Algerian's deportation....

Held over al-Qaida manual used for research, Hicham Yezza gives first interview

Link: 'This is not the way I should have been treated in a country I love'...

Profiling people by their ethnic appearance violates human rights without effectively countering terrorism.

Link: The impossibility of terrorist profiling....

Which mean you could be arrested for looking “wiered” and as the british would say “funny”.

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fcurrito [ PM ] [ ]
September 19, 2008 08:46PM
To truly understand the situation in the UK and the treatment of Muslims in Britain, you must read John Pilger’s article on the vicious and sectarian and mostly unreported war that has
Been waged against Muslim in the UK
. This is a MUST read article...


In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes another Britain: "a vicious, sectarian and mostly unreported war" against Muslims. People snatched from the homes following 9/11 are consigned to a Kafkaesque oblivion, and worse.

The British lawyer Gareth Peirce, celebrated for her defence of miscarriage of justice victims, wrote recently: “Over the years of the conflict, every lawless action on the part of the British state provoked a similar reaction: internment, ‘shoot to kill’, the use of torture... brutally obtained false confessions and fabricated evidence. This was registered by the community most affected, but the British public, in whose name these actions were taken, remained ignorant.” Referring to the conflict in Northern Ireland, she was drawing a comparison with “our new suspect community”, people of Muslim faith, against whom a vicious, sectarian and mostly unreported war is well under way.

As Peirce points out, “internment, discredited and abandoned in Northern Ireland”, now allows, not 42 days, but the “indefinite detention without trial of foreign nationals, the ‘evidence’ to be heard in secret with the detainee’s lawyer not permitted to see the evidence against him”. Those snatched from their homes in Britain following 11 September 2001 have all but vanished into an Anglo-American gulag, which in this country joins Belmarsh Prison, where people are consigned to oblivion, with Broadmoor psychiatric prison, where they are sent as they go mad, and with Kafkaesque versions of “home” where others are interred under “control orders”. One such home prisoner, wrote Peirce, “a man without arms, was left alone and terrified, unable to leave the flat or to contact anyone without committing a criminal offence, subject to a curfew and allowed no visits unless approved in advance by the Home Office”. Going into the garden, arranging a plumber, speaking to a child’s teacher, all require permission. The families go mad, too.

Preferring “a quick death... to a slow death here”, one man who took a risk and returned to Algeria has been lost in the subcontracted gulag, where his new torturers have given the British government “assurances” and are themselves reassured by the fact that BP, the ethical oil company, has sunk £6bn into getting oil out of Algeria’s southern Sahara. Jordan, another subcontractor, is held economically afloat by the US so George W Bush’s “renditions” and torture can proceed there. No British court has found any of these people guilty of any crime, but as Tony Blair, a genuine prima facie criminal, put it so well, “the rules of the game have changed”.

As in the Irish conflict, it is again the ignorance of us, the public, upon which the state relies. All propaganda is directed at honing this ignorance and fabricating a fear. This is primarily the task of journalists. True fear is in Muslim communities. Visit them and you will find people terrified by your knock on the door, and women who now never go out. In effect, control orders have been served on thousands of British citizens.

As Peirce reminds us, the Irish had allies in the Catholic Church and the 40 million Americans of Irish descent; Muslims are alone as they watch the British state, with its “obstinate incomprehension” of their faith, do to them as it would never do to those of other faiths. You can’t imagine Jews treated this way; the profanity is too great. The silence of British Jews, who have the history, is also great.

As the suppressed facts of “terrorism” show, Muslims are by far the most numerous victims – up to a million Iraqis dead, including 500,000 infants, during “sanctions” against Iraq in the 1990s; perhaps another million dead when Blair and his mentor ignited the current inferno; countless killed and maimed in Afghanistan by weapons that include the British thermobaric bomb, designed to suck the air out of human beings. And there is Palestine, an entire nation under a permanent control order.

Reviewing this monstrous record, it is no less than amazing that the world’s most violent governments – Britain is now the world’s leading arms merchant – have sustained only two retaliations on their home soil. With every hypocritical act, they beckon another. Moreover, wrote Gareth Peirce, “If our government continues on [this destructive] path, we will ultimately have destroyed much of the moral and legal fabric of the society that we claim to be protecting. The choice and the responsibility are
entirely ours.”
adds [ PM ] [ ]
September 23, 2008 11:28AM
Christians, Jews, Buddhists or any other religion are not blowing themselves because they are angry; but we do.
What would you do to someone who is manufacturing bombs at your home and wishing to kill everyone in his way? They are protecting themselves. “if you have been bitten by a snake you become weary of cords”

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maretranger [ PM ] [ ]
September 26, 2008 12:56PM

What would you do to someone who is manipulating bomb makers to kill his own people then blame it on a whole Muslim community. Last week there was a big anti-Islam rally in Germany with the big slogan “Stop Islam”. Yes, stop Islam who becomes a second religion in most leading European countries and would be the 1st religion in decades if number of western converted people keeps as it is now. They are not protecting their souls but their pockets and belongings as Islam is a religion of purity. They are afraid that Muslims become majority then ask for religious reforms in constituency and legislation.
I would rather wonder what options do they have to stop thousands of their own citizens from converting to Islam despite their attempt to tarnish Islam and Muslims. What could they do to stop this astonishing tide of Islam and Muslims if not manipulating ignorant youngsters to blow themselves…!!!
adds [ PM ] [ ]
September 26, 2008 02:24PM
One shouldn’t be surprise to their reaction. Some Muslims are bad example of our peaceful religion, others want to convert all the non Muslim and relive the Islamic estate and power in the world. Everyone has the right to chose to be religious or not it’s their loss. One has no need to preach like trying to flog a dead horse that a lone can be off putting. Muslims should not take notice of these type of rallies their leader are just barking dogs

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chelhman [ PM ] [ ]
September 26, 2008 04:00PM

What would you do to someone who is manipulating bomb makers to kill his own people then blame it on a whole Muslim community.

Do you seriously believe that's what happened in the july 07 bombings, in Madrid or in our own country in 03 ?
Denial is a psychological disorder and it doesn't help here, given the fact that it's awaking the far-right in Europe. The nuts parading with "Stop Islam" banners didn't materialize out of thin air, the islamist wave that you seem to deny are directly responsible.
We're the first victims of islamists, remember that. So logic dictates that we should be the first to reject them...in no uncertain terms.

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maretranger [ PM ] [ ]
September 27, 2008 06:46AM
I strongly believe some west thank thinkers, intelligences and even pythons controlling political ground in some Arab countries are behind this weird strategy of the “burning land”. As you know, in politics there are neither rules nor good behavior. When the interests of components are in a crossroad, the aim justifies the means. In other words: “I live you die, you live I die, I prefer you die”. I wonder why these western internal security agents, central investigators etc tend to escape answering sensitive issues that could bring light to some obscure terrorism bombings here and there? How a country like Britain and USA who have thousands of secret agents and local collaborators in all over the world can snap via satellite the hair of a terrorist nose in Jakarta but ignore what is going on in an area near their ranch? Can you please help me with an idea how can I put my hand over a gold well without pressing a detonator (I prefer to manipulate ignorant and stupid teenagers to do it. I even don’t mind to use my own people as cob aye to control any source of energy or any other riches wherever it is (American nuclear experiment in Nevada desert, lots of people were killed among them American soldiers).
I don’t deny there are some individuals who even ignore AHKAME SALAT but can teach you how to explode a whole city; these people use religion to justify their weird act because they failed in their life, their integration in their community or society was a total failure. Those people becomes an easy target to some fanatic so called Muslims who want to revenge brothers and sisters massacred here and there or to these secret agent who find in them the right remote control.
whatsup [ PM ] [ ]
September 27, 2008 05:46PM
I think the solution is simple whoever is not happy in UK he just pack his suitcases and live ptdr
return i am sure immigration officers at Heathrow will wave a warm goodbye
England is like that love it or leave it FootballFootball
fcurrito [ PM ] [ ]
September 27, 2008 09:53PM
maretranger [ PM ] [ ]
September 28, 2008 08:06AM

what's up Mr. or Ms. whatup? the topic of this posting is WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN UK?
you missed the point and the forum, you should post in "vie et famille" where you can discuss the issue of love and feelings.

good luck in your sentimental life clap
whatsup [ PM ] [ ]
September 29, 2008 03:36PM
give them an inch they take a mileclap give them a finger they pull your arm
i think thats what really happening in Uk
it is about time to put an end to UK soft touch , it does not work with rif rafs
an iron hand will do the job nicely and it s just the begining ptdrevil

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