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cv translation french into english
salam 3alikoum,

i hope that i can find someone here who can help me to translate this CV from french into english.
thank you so much in advance,
Wa alikoum salam,

I can help you outsmiling smiley

Sweet dreams.


Elegance is an attitude

Thank you, my dear friends, for all your sweet messages, I love you too...
I can help too winking smiley
salam,you ccan rely on my help too
See here --> [] They seem to translate or help you translate your cv for free. You just have to bring them some "likes" from your friends. They do it in three languages: French, Spanish and English. They also give you tips to prepare your interviews and cover letter.

I need your help before sunday to translate my CV. Who can please?

Thank you
could you help me to translate my cv from french to english please
You cannot just translate your CV into english, if you wanna construct an english CV it's a completely different way of writing a CV ...

Check it out : []

Wish you luck!