Needs help urgently
First of all i would like to appologige for writing in English, my frensh writing is still soo basic. but the good point is that i can understand most of it.

Well my situaton is quite complicated, and i realy have no idea where to get information.
I am a 29 years old man, from turkish roots, but with a bulgarian nationality. Divorced from a Turkish woman one year ago, and have 1 child, whose custidy belongs to his mother. I have been living in Turkey since 1994, and have work permission as a Turkish citizent ( i can easily get a Turkish passeport since my parents are Turkish)
The situation is that i met my real soulmate, i was married for 10 years but i never have been that much in love. The Lady is a 25 years old Moroccan, she is in Turkey for a traineeship (she doesn't have a residence permit in Turkey yet).

We agreed on getting married, but her parents are strongly against our marriage. She is from a very rich family, and even if i am a general manager in a big company in Turkey, i don't seem to be right for her parent's expectations, adding to that the fact that i have a child.

So we decided that we will get married any way, but still we don't know where to go and which documents we will need to get married in Morocco. We have to organize everything before the end of September, since her parents don't want to allow her to get back in Turkey. Her parents will take part of the wedding for sure, since they are not forbiding her to marry me, but they are doing their best to convince her that im not the right person (she will not be happy because i have children who need my support and my love) to keep her away.

So please, if any body can help us to get information about the procedures to follow and the documents that would be needed, i would be extreemly thankfull to that.

Thank you for reading me,
Warm greets from Istanbul

I guess you're musulman so:

You mariage has a name in Morocco: mariage mixte because you have a different nationalities.

Your futur wife needs an autorisation from the court to get married so she & you needs to prepare many documents before that,I guess you are musulman!!!

She needs to consult an *Adoul* in Morroco, it's the person who marry can help so much.

You should contact the embassy of Turkey for more information.

you have to prepare (i have the liste only in french, sorry), may be you need more documents but the basics are:

- Actes de naissance
- Casier judiciaire
- Photocopie carte d'identité
- Photocopie passeport
- Attestation de travail + de revenu
- Des photos identitées
- Attestation médicale

All this documents should be traduced to Arabic language.

Hope I helped you

Good Luck
Hello dear,
First of all thank you for your answer,
so yes i am Muslim elhamdulillah.
My question is: Where can we find this "Adoul" and will the mariage be in a tribunal or a some kind of a state adminnistration ? Do we have to take an appointement? If yes how much time can this take?

Please if any body has more information (even in french) it would be so helpful for us.
Thanks alot

(again thank you Lamiss)
You can find the *ADOUL* in HABOUS STREET, your wife should know if she's from casa.

I don'y know about the mariage but if you ask the ADOUL, he can help you so much

Thanks alot!!
We will try to do it this way.
Meanwhile if anyone who has experience or has information about a turco-moroccan couple, please do not hesitate to share the information.