Moroccan associations in London & Bristol ?

Do you knoe of any Moroccan Association in London or Bristol please ?>
Hi Atlas, i have absolutely no idea and like you i am curious to know!

There are however 2 or 3 groups on Facebook for moroccans in London and they have a newsletter in which they put down events and other things for Moroccans in England. it might be worth asking the question to everyone, surely someone will let you know if there was...

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Thank you , i did come across the London one but it did not rtrike me as a serious group , i will ask the question any way ..
I am not aware of any Moroccan association as such anywhere in UK.
You cab always visit this web [] and follow the link to contact them.
NB: Some gatherings have the forms to be either very politically or religious influences ideologies. Nevertheless I have witnessed (years back when I was in London) some very pleasant musical festivals in Hammersmith.

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Thank you adds & sbs2000