Living in Ireland...???
shams-al-arab [ PM ] [ ]
August 30, 2007 07:21PM
Hi all...

Has anyone ever experienced (or still is...) life in Ireland ? If so, what can you say about life in general (for us Moroccans), work, accommodation and cost of living ?
pounkette [ PM ] [ ]
September 06, 2007 10:17AM
Hello Shams-al-arab

I lived in Ireland, in Dublin, I was working there for 10 months. The life in Ireland is really special and dodgy in so far as this is not as cosmopolitan as London or Paris for instance. Immigration is still something new. The life there is quite expending, but still, it depends on the city..Dublin is really expensive as well as the rent (I was surprised when one of my collegue said to me that he paid his rent 1,500 euros per month..eye popping smiley)
In which city have you decided to live?
Are you going in Ireland for work?

Concerning jobs, there are plenty of job opportunities in Dublin especially, you have the Sandyford Industrial Estate, where a lot of foreign companies (especially American companies) are settled. The most powerful vertical is the IT industry.

The life there is quite boring (the only attraction for Irish people is Pubs, and I'm not joking!!) Pubs, Pubs and only Pubs...There is not a lot of muslims in Dublin and a smaaaaaall Moroccan community..however you have a big mosque in Clonskeagh, which the only mosque in the citysad smiley
I couldn't stay longer than 10 months in Dublin because I didn't really enjoy staying there, Dublin looked like a small village for me ..This is my personnal opinion and it doesn't mean that you will not enjoy it as well.smiling smiley

Eventually, the landscape is amazing and you can travel all around the country during your weekends (Galway, Cork, grey stones, Bray are beautiful towns)..grinning smiley
Good luck for you experience in Ireland;Allah y kemel bikhir...Amine

If you have any questions, don't hesitate.