An Islamic History Of Europe
July 14, 2008 08:56AM
The BBC broadcast today at 03:10:00 pm , a programme "An Islamic History Of Europe",with Rageh Omaar .

here a brief view :

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Hicham_A [ PM ] [ ]
July 14, 2008 11:14AM
Islamic spain is seen by a lot of historians (ex, montgomery Watt in Islamic Spain) as the embodiment of tolerance beteween religions.Not only the muslims there contributed in the developement of humanity but set a concrete example of what an enlightened muslim rule was capable of. Christians and jews, considered as "ahl Dhimma" or "Dhimmiyine" enjoyed fully their rights to the extent that in the contemporay Morocco Rabbis set a regular prayer for Muslims Troops. Also, the muslim "logic" enabled the west, centuries later, to get our of the dark ages. On the other hand, "the balkanisation" of Muslims led to what we know about the muslim retreat.. the jews had to flee to Morocco in order to escape the furnace of queen Isabelle

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atlasmagic [ PM ] [ ]
July 17, 2008 01:46PM
I think its a repeat but its a very good programm Rageh Omaar is very good i also watch him on AlJazeera Witness ,the guy is down to earth & takes his son to a normal school in W4
Hi. Yes that is an old programme but very interesting! Atlas, i agree on Rageh Omar, he is one of the best journalists the BBC has ever produced! i love his documentaries, his analysis, he is such an open-minded person, and as you said, very down to earth but that's because he comes from a poor background. His family still lives in Somalia and in one of his programs, he talked about how he goes every month to western union to send them money, i thought of that as highly admirable.

For info, Channel 4 is broadcasting a series of programs on Islam this week. There was a very interesting 2 hours program about the Qur'an on Monday.

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atlasmagic [ PM ] [ ]
July 19, 2008 04:18PM
Yes Minnie i did see some the program about the Qur'an & i was pleasantly surprise that its was not the usual attacks ...
Yep i also saw the one where Omar goes to Western union .....i love his Witness program on al Jazeera too
Gullytale [ PM ] [ ]
July 19, 2008 09:43PM

I am new here and just having a look around. I live in Ireland and I am interested in Islam. You can see this documentary on this site: []

It's under the documentaries section, listed under A: An Islamic History of Europe.

Hicham_A [ PM ] [ ]
July 20, 2008 01:01AM

Wecome to the forum Gullytale..

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