ur favorite moroccan song
May 04, 2008 02:49AM
salam alaykom,smiling smiley

i would realy appreciate if u spend a little time sharing with us ur favorite moroccan song ,weither it s pop, chaabi, gnawi,rap ...etc etc ...

it would be interresting too if u say honestly what u think about moroccan songs these last years ..do u think the moroccan music is getting better ..or wors..perplexe???

i personaly like ahmed soultane s songs : ya salam, achekid, kolla lila ,konti saber ..etc etc ...
humm ..here s some links u know just to try his songs if u ve never heard them :


hope u ll enjoy ..waiting for ur answers grinning smiley
salam everybody,smiling smiley

i just realised that i didn t intreduce myself confused smiley, i appologies for that ..i m new in here and i would be glad to talk about different things and discuss different topics with other moroccans , see what other s might things , share opinions etc ...i don t know what to say ...humm so if any body has any question to ask me i ll be glad to answer Angel..nice to meet u all and until someone hopefully answers me grinning smiley have a great time

best wishes (tm)
Yani [ PM ] [ ]
May 04, 2008 11:12PM
What's up" Welcome! Good topic for a change.
I have listened to some of the links above- Not my cup of tea- is it really Moroccan? It's more Karaoke type of deal. Very Tasteless in my view...I wouldn't call it "typical" Moroccan!!!
Yani [ PM ] [ ]
May 04, 2008 11:16PM
Some songs I would listen to are:
Shaabi, Jadwan, Aasri, Marakshi...
Gnawa: Kasri ( no remix please)
Jilala, Ghiwane (old and new)
Ahouzar, Hamounia, TIhihit (the Old and the Young one), Tachinwit, Izanzarn,...
El-Malhoune and AL-Andaloussi, of course...Bajadoub, TOulali (Allah yarhamou)....

well yeah i know that ahmed soultan s songs r not 100% tipicaly moroccan but at least he offers somthing different in the moroccan music market ..add to this he sings in darija / amazigh ..not like other moroccan singer that we never got to hear them sing something in DARIJA( and i mean realy darija not 90% middel easterns arabic and 10% darijano no)
i also like listening to malhoun , atarab al andaloussi but i like also moroccan rap , rock , ragga cause i believe we should give it a try ...give those new artists a chance to show us what they got ..and rise up with our music and show to the world that s what we can do (tm)
yani thanks a lot for ur precious opinion ..hope to hear from u and from others soon ..
waiting for ur answers ...take care all
adds [ PM ] [ ]
May 05, 2008 05:00PM
Hi I am Gnawi by default, Moroccan music remains best as a deep feeling is experienced each time I listen to anything Moroccan Almalhoon and tarabe Al 5ala take me to Fes region, tarabe al3gharnate and da4a Al jabalia to the north, Raye to the East Gnawa to South, swassa to the South West, And the groups to my region Casa wa majawaroha we shouldn’t forget Al Haj Rwicha and EL haja Al Hamdawiya. Each Musique brings back memories either old or recent.
My ears welcome the new style because music can play a good role in educating the nation as it reaches the youth easier than the traditional one. The history is full of examples.
In general, I love music from the entire world to me its music. I can’t compare arts doing so will loose the glory of it.
Kutchia [ PM ] [ ]
May 05, 2008 10:28PM
I also like Ahmad Soultan I has his latest album, he is very talented. I like moroccan music. There is so much diferent kind of music styles it's diffecult to call something "typically" moroccan. There are alot of great artists and ofcourse also alot of less talented copy cates.
salam everybody ,
i m so glad to hear from u ..and it s true that every kind of music in morocco take us to a special place at a special time ...we do realy have a rich musical library ...and we should appreciate and enjoy every kin of it ..
and now people i would love if u share with us other moroccan artists no matter what kind of music they do ...from shaabi , rap ,pop , ragga ...would be great if share it with us u know
just to know what yaby members like like music :p...
untill hearing from u ....wish u have a lovely day
adds [ PM ] [ ]
May 06, 2008 05:14PM
Al Hajj Rwicha , EL haja Al Hamdawiya, Al Hajja bouzoba3, Al Haj chokh2ara, AlHaj Brahim AlAlami, Al Hajj Bob Marley , Al Hajj Michael Jackson and Al Hajja Tyner Turnerspinning smiley sticking its tongue out
clap that was a good one ..LOL
Al Hajj Michael Jackson grinning smiley